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Features Every Penthouse Buyer Wants

Buyers shopping for penthouses in Gaslamp or another neighborhood in downtown San Diego expect luxurious finishes, prime location, and sprawling space. Still, some features are in higher demand than others. Here are some of the most popular features buyers today expect from a penthouse property. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Location may be crucial, but it’s not enough… Read More

What’s Preventing You from Selling Your Loft?

As the owner of a loft in San Diego, you are currently in a great position to list your property and make the most out of current conditions in the real estate market. If you feel hesitant to list your property now, you are not alone. Many homeowners tend to feel a bit of apprehension… Read More

7 Tips for Staging Small Condo Units

Staging a condo is a proven way to increase its selling price. Staging doesn’t just set the scene and help buyers picture themselves in your home. It can also highlight the condo’s best features or draw the eye away from potentially negative aspects. Small spaces benefit the most from staging because it makes the home… Read More

7 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Condo

If you are the owner of a condo in downtown San Diego, your property is among the most sought-after real estate in the United States, and you will likely be able to entertain a few bids should you choose to enter the red-hot sellers’ market. The American housing market is not entirely cyclical. Periods of… Read More

8 Things Buyers Want When Searching for Luxury Properties

Selling a luxury property is a completely different experience than trying to sell in the budget real estate market. The buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for extra luxuries normally have different priorities. Most 92101 real estate experts find buyers of luxury properties are especially interested in these 8 qualities. 1. Exotic Materials… Read More

5 Things You Need to Disclose When Selling a Condo

If you are thinking about selling your condominium unit in San Diego, it’s a good time to do so. The local housing market is warming up thanks to healthy demand from buyers interested in the downtown lifestyle. However, there is something important you should know about selling your condo: section 4525 of the California Civil… Read More

How to Prep Your Loft Before Selling It

Lofts in downtown San Diego have become increasingly popular, which has made some current loft owners decide to sell their properties. Once the decision to sell your loft has been made, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure a successful transaction. Consider the following tips prior to listing your loft on… Read More

Top 4 Tips for Beginner Condo Flippers

Flipping properties is big business for some people, and a few of these entrepreneurs prefer to focus on flipping condos rather than single-family homes. Here are a few tips to help you start your new flipping career off on the right foot. 1. Put Together a Reliable Team Find 92101 real estate agents you can… Read More

5 Ways Hot Markets Are Bad for Sellers

Everyone thinks a hot market is ideal for sellers, and though there are plenty of benefits, hot markets can also hurt sellers as well. If you are thinking of upgrading your downtown San Diego loft, keep the following things in mind. 1. Selling Too Fast You might not think it’s possible to sell your place too… Read More