Stabilized Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft Values with the Elimination of the FHA 90 day Anti-flipping Rule!

The US Department of Housing and Urban Developement has taken action to speed resale of foreclosed properties to new owners by eliminating the FHA anti-flipping rule for one year. This is a temporary policy that is a measure to help bring stability to Downtown San Diego Condos, Downtown San Diego Lofts, home values and accelerate… Read More

New Urban Tree has been Planted at the Embarcadero in Downtown San Diego! The current exhibition, Urban Trees 6, at the Embarcadero in Downtown San Diego has about 30 original sculptural works of public art by different artists. The new contribution “Mini the Mermaid” a 12 foot tall sculpture fashioned of welded steel sheets seemingly floated amidst strands of giant kelp on Broadway and Harbor Drive in… Read More

Home Affordable Modification Program – Documentation Requirements Updated!

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Departement of Housing and Urban Development have updated guidance for servicers participating in the Obama Administrations Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). The guidelines, designed to help improve the conversion from trial loan modifications to permanent modifications, takes effect June 1. Mortgage servicers may elect to implement the… Read More

Upcoming Wine Event at Bayside in the Columbia District in Downtown San Diego!

Scoring 85% on the nation-wide WALK SCORE scale Bayside with its Downtown San Diego Condos, in the Columbia District, is fast becoming one of San Diego’s most sought after residential areas. Imagine the luxury of living within a short walking distance of waterfront parks, cafes of the Little Italy District and the Gaslamp District and… Read More

How to Qualify for FHA Approval in Downtown San Diego!

Are you curious to find out how Downtown San Diego Condo and Downtown San Diego Loft projects find FHA approval? Below is a list of project eligibility requirements: 1. Projects must consist of two or more units. 2. Projects must be covered by hazard and liability insurance and, when applicable, flood and fidelity insurance 3…. Read More