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Pedicabber’s being Regulated

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/pedicabbers-being-regulated/118/ If you’ve ever been downtown, you’ve noticed the petty-cabs, and if you’ve ever been here during the summer months by the ballpark, Gaslamp District or Convention Center, you can’t miss them.. Hundreds flock in from out of the country to work petty-cabs in the summer in SD. Driving down 5th street in the summer…forget… Read More

Ballpark Village and the Hotel

uncategorized/ballpark-village-and-the-hotel/115/ What has been in the works for a while now seems to be coming to fruition. The ballpark Village, a city within a city. With two 500 ft towers with over 1900 hotel rooms it will be the largest on the West Coast. Also, the extra space for conventions here and at the new… Read More

Old Police Headquarters Building

uncategorized/old-police-headquarters-building/96/ If you have ever wondered about that really cool, old looking movie-set type building outside of Seaport Village than wonder no more. By mid year, a $40 Million dollar project is supposed to commence on new restaurants and a public marketplace. Terramar, a developer from Carlsbad is planning to redevelop the 100,000 sq ft… Read More

Understanding What A Median Price Is

uncategorized/understanding-what-a-median-price-is/100/ I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a word like “is” or “of” but it was just the headline. Now that we got that cleared up… The Median Home price for San Diego is down 20% from the 2005 peak. Notice the ominous bold letters that are italicised for effect. It’s… Read More

Downtown Events for March 2008

Downtown Events for March 2008

uncategorized/downtown-events-for-march-2008/90/ Downtown San Diego Events for March 2008 Outdoors • Farmers Market: Third Avenue/San Diego-9:00am to 1:00pm Downtown San Diego @ 3rd Ave and J St Music Venues/Shows • HOB monthly Schedule • 4th & B monthly schedule ( • The Casbah (rock, experimental, garage, soul) ( • Folsom @ Hard Rock Hotel •… Read More

Cost of Living, Money, Oil etc…

uncategorized/cost-of-living-money-oil-etc/80/ An article in todays Union Tribune discusses Chairman Bernanke’s signal to Congress that there will be another rate cut. Making money even less expensive. That is good news for homebuying,i.e. getting a loan. With the conforming limits having been raised and the cost of money being cut, it makes it attainable to get a… Read More

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Public Opinion Called for in Development of New Civic Center

uncategorized/let-your-voice-be-heard-public-opinion-called-for-in-development-of-new-civic-center/59/ One of the beautiful things about living in downtown San Diego is that this fine city is still growing it’s idenity and the community can help to mold this idenity into one complimenting it’s resident’s. The city has recently planned to cut a plan with a private developer to destruct and rebuild the 1960s-era… Read More