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How Long do buyers own their Downtown San Diego Condos?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is:  How Long do buyers tend to own Downtown San Diego Condos?  According to a Recent Community Survey of How Long Buyers Remain in their homes, the results are quite interesting.  Since 2003:  22% of single family homeowners have been in their home 10 to 19 years,… Read More

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Update

One of the best resources for current news about real estate in California is DQ News.   They source their information from San Diego based analytics firm named DataQuick.   Data Quick is a company which monitors real estate activity nationwide, and provides information to consumers, educators, as well as companies and industry analysts.  … Read More

Friday Mortgage Rate Update

Our friends at the Gaylord Hansen Team of Caliber Home Loans come through again with their weekly mortgage rate update. How have recent geo-political events affected mortgage rates here in the US? Check out the video above to find out. Thank you to the Gaylord Hansen Mortgage Team of Caliber Home Loans for providing the… Read More