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Well, well, well- look at this fancy, shmancy event happening in our very own downtown San Diego. DeLUXE San Diego is not an event for just any downtown San Diego condo or loft owner, it’s an event for those who appreciate living a luxurious lifestyle (think penthouses on the 34th floor of The Grande). I guess I’m out. I mean, I’m sure I could appreciate a luxurious lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I’m invited…and I’m okay with that. I’ll just go down to the 5th Avenue Marina and 5th Avenue Landing to stare at those who were!

This exclusive event will showcase the finer things in life such as superyachts, top-marque automobiles, private aircraft, fine jewelry, cult wines and adventure travel. So basically, this event is for rich people but man, how fun would it be to go and check out the toys of the rich and famous?! If you want to find out how you can be one of the lucky attendees, click here. And if you do manage to get yourself in, please, please, please do share what DeLUXE San Diego was like!