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Gaslamp by Type of Sale

The Gaslamp neighborhood is unique in that it is currently only offering 2 properties with homes for sale, Gaslamp City Square and Trellis.

While Resales and REO sales were neck-in-neck in terms of total sales, Foreclosures were seen more prominently in one complex compared to the other.

Trellis had 6 Resales, while Gaslamp City Square had 5. This made a total of only 11 Resales in 2008.

Gaslamp City Square had 5 REO sales, while Trellis had 4, totaling 9 REO sales in the Gaslamp in ‘08.

In terms of Foreclosures, Gaslamp City Square had 14 in comparison with Trellis’s 2, making 16 Foreclosure sales in all.