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Relatively Speaking

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments


Today, March 12th, is the birthday of Albert Einstein. I thought I would speak in relative terms, to honor him, regarding real estate. Especially in downtown San Diego where you have lofts, townhomes, flats, condos, wood frame construction, steel frame construction and concrete construction. If you don’t know the difference between the aforementioned items then you could have a loooooong frustrating time trying to find a home, realtively speaking.

Albert Einstein had said, “two hours spent with a pretty girl feels like two minutes but two minutes with your hand on a hot stove feels like two hours” (something like that) Spending time in the concrete jungle trying to find your way around can seem like an eternity- before noon. Spending time with a specialist in their environment and soaking up their respective knowledge and really learning the lay of the land and pinpointing where you want your home to be can seem like a short afternoon of fun and productivity.

Please don’t be afraid to pick our brains about our downtown neighborhood. Remember, we are here to help you and make the most efficient use of your time. Lots of people have walls they put up when they meet a real estate agent as if somehow you are going to all of the sudden be sigining paperwork and have no idea how you got there. Not the point of 92101 Urban Living. Protect the client and not the deal is what we live by. We have helped many people into their homes and in turn they have referred their friends, family, family friends and co-workers to us as a result of our service. We have also helped people walk away from the table. Put the pen down, the checkbook back inthe pocket and walk out of the negotiation because we see there are too many what ifs that continue to pop up.

Relatively speaking, signing one document committing to a large purchase while still having misgivings and numerous questions can seem like a lifetime on trial. On the otherhand, signing a stack of papers knowing you are doing so with all your questions answered, fears allayed and misgivings satisfied can feel like- well, let’s just face it. Signing a lot of paperwork never seems to go by fast:)