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Social Cycle in Downtown San DiegoSocial Cycle is the new popular thing to do in Downtown San Diego…does not matter if you are a visitor or resident. I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when I walked out of my Downtown San Diego Loft in the Marina District and saw this big yellow 16 passenger contraption sitting on the sidewalk along Market Street. I walked up to it and saw that every seat had its own set of pedals.it kind of looked like a moving bar.

Social Cycles were first announced in the year 2000 in Amsterdam and these pedal cruisers are a fun alternative to party buses, segways, walking tours and yachts that some San Diegan’s usually decide to rent for their next social event. There are currently 2 Social Cycles in the Downtown area where they offer different ways that you can reserve them such as hourly or as a guided tour to name a couple.some even rent them for their own private events like parties, and many other group activities.

These bikes are really fun and different and they give the Downtown San Diego neighborhoods a different twist. This is just one more new activity to enjoy with your friends and family. I know that I will be utilizing this just as soon as I can get my own reservation. ')}