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VA Approved Condos & Lofts in Downtown San Diego!Here’s some information that can be good to know about VA Loans:

  • VA loans can be a true 30 year fixed rate and fully amortized 100% financing option
  • VA loans in San Diego are compatible with many of the San Diego First Time Buyer Programs
  • Your VA loan can be used to purchase a San Diego Home with the closing costs negotiated to be paid by the seller
  • Pay off consumer debt as part of your San Diego Home purchase

Are you wondering which complexes in Downtown San Diego is VA approved? Check out the list below:

The East Village/Ballpark District

  • Icon
  • M2i
  • Metrome
  • Park Blvd East
  • Park Blvd West
  • Park Terrace
  • Union Square
  • 777 Lofts
  • The Lofts 6th Ave

The Marina District

  • Atria

The Little Italy District

  • Aperture
  • La Vita
  • Portico

The Cortez Hill District

  • Aria
  • Cortez Blu
  • Solara Lofts

The Columbia District

  • Bayview Homestead

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