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Bragging about my ‘hood

By Pete in June 2008 with 0 Comments


Have you seen the new Toyota commercials? Huh? Have you? They are awesome! Ya know why? Because they show Toyota’s driving around our awesome downtown neighborhood and it clearly shows my Loft!

The killer orange paneled building is called Fahrenheit, and it is awesome and that is where I live. Never leaving. Ever. It also shows another cool building called ICON. You should DVR this commercial, paste it on your desktop alongside all the other goals you have in life.

Being down here is like winning. Period. You’re done, it’s over. You live down here and you win. It’s that simple. Come down and experience it and see why we are in an area that commercials are using, tv shows are using (the CW’s Fashion House) and people are flocking to. You are always welcome:) New restaraunts, coffee shops, fitness center that is massive and like a daytime social club of who’s who in the neighborhood. Don’t miss the fun and excitement of downtown living!

-The mayor of the East Village