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C’Mon…You Know You Want To

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|February 2011 with 0 Comments

C’Mon…You Know You Want To

As an owner of a downtown San Diego loft or condo, you are familiar with our tourist population. You gotta love ‘em! You also gotta love the stuff tourists do…for instance, The Seal. Now, admit it, you’ve wanted to give it a try. I KNOW YOU HAVE.

So, I am proposing that all downtown San Diego residents try at least one “touristy” thing our city has to offer, that you wouldn’t normally do, but have really thought about doing. Make sense?

To kick off my “C’Mon…You Know You Want To” act like a tourist idea, here’s a bit of info you should know about The Seal Tour:

  • It’s a land and water adventure
  • 90 minutes, fully narrated
  • Tour of San Diego’s streets THEN
  • Cruise the San Diego Bay
  • Learn about San Diego’s rich, military history
  • Check out tons of California Sea Lions

Now, get out there and act like a tourist…I will if you will.

photo via guide.trustedtours.com ')}