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Foodie Blog: The Kebab Shop

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Part of the downtown lifestyle is the “walk-to-your-favorite-place-to-eat-ability” (and apparently, long run on hyphenated words) anyway… Living down here affords you the opportunity to walk out your lobby and spend a few minutes on the streets until you get to your destination. Today, this destination just happened to be the Kebab Shop, located at 630 9th Avenue in the East Village of Downtown San Diego.

The low down: Doner’s, Schawarma’s, Kebab’s and salads that are really good. Decent prices for a lot of flavor.

the Doner’s are what we would think of like a burrito. More of an A la Carte item. Lamb, Chicken or Veggie Doner’s are available. They come with the excellent yogurt sace, cabbage and onions. A side of fries or saffron Rice is just a little bit more. Or one of the many salad options are really good too.

the Schawarma is just about the same ingredients as the Doner but in sandwich style.

The Kebab- beef, lamb etc comes with a hot side and a salad. Great value and a plate full of food. No disappointing big appetites here.

Three salad meal available where you can pick three of the salads and get them in one plate.

No frills, four walls ethnic music playing all you can drink sodas and darn good food. Great for lunch on up to a late night filler. They also have an assortment of import beers as well.

This eatery is in the East Village about two blocks due North of Petco. Caters to foot traffic from Nexus, Fahrenheit, M2i, Metrome, Moto Villas, The Mark, Park Loft, Diamond Terrace, ICON, Park Terrace, Alta and Diamond View Tower office building. All places within a five minute walk. Go check it out!