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Make Something Happen

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Are you new to downtown? How about old to downtown? Either way, you will probably notice that downtown San Diego is a piece of clay waiting to be molded into something awesome. I am talking about creating a scene, man! A movement! Not a riot, let me be clear on that. I am talking about finding your passion and turn it into a downtown event. Whether it be yearly, monthly or weekly make it happen. Be the founding person of something that wil be going on twenty years from now. Nurture your idea from infancy into full blown adulthood!

Here are some ideas:

Like to run? Form a runners club. Call it the Urban Cruisers. Do runs weekly and organize a yearly event.

Like to walk? Form a walking guild. Have babies? Form a Mother’s club that gets together at Petco or somewhere and get to know the other mothers/fathers. Bike riding clubs, book clubs, chess clubs. Start up a dinner club with other retaurant fanatics that can check out a downtown establishment once a month. We did it in my building. A great way to meet your neighbors and network. Take the initiative to start something and see it through!

There is a music scene budding! It needs your support. Every Friday, Java Jones has live music- and it’s free! A lot of talent goes through strumming-for-change.jpgthere. Mondo Gelato has music every Thursday night- FREE! Get out and support it by listening.

Be active in your neighborhood. Downtown San Diego should be a community of doers, not talkers. Which one are you? Ask yourself seriously… am I doing what I say? Am I part of something great? In twenty years, will you be a founding member, the great idea, the reason that culture, art, music and activity is a solid part of the downtown San Diego lifestyle or will you have just been sitting around wondering what happenned.

I remember when I was in Middle School my Dad told me “there are three kinds of people in this world… those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that wonder what happenned.” Be the first two. Make something happen and support the other things going on.

Let’s make our Downtown Awesome!