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Make Your Mark On Downtown San Diego

By Mike in July 2008 with 0 Comments



One of the best aspects of an Urban Lifestyle is the community that you instantly become a part of. These communities become even more specific to the Downtown San Diego neighborhoods, complex, and floor that you live on. I always tell clients that you are buying a smaller piece of the pie to obtain location, location, location. The point of location is that you are not supposed to be hold up in your 1000 square foot Downtown San Diego Condo or Loft all of the time. You are meant to be out enjoying your community.
One of the most interesting aspects of watching clients and friends embrace their new lifestyle is seeing how they chose to get involved and put their personal stamp on what the neighborhood is developing into. Are they going to join community groups, participate in social events, or even start a business? Our resident Rock Star, East Village Mayor, and Downtown Specialist Chad Cavanaugh has decided to do something really cool. In addition to playing acoustic guitar at local East Village spots like Mondo Gelato and Java Jones, he decided that he would put together a book on some of the photography he has taken of Downtown. Who knew that he even had talent or an eye? One day when walking with his wife and new baby, he decided to take a few shots and the rest is history. You can tell from the pictures that his vision is filled with true passion for the lifestyle and streets that we walk every day. Use the following link to preview and BUY the book entitled A Journey Through Downtown San Diego. Way to go Chad.we are proud of you!!
I think that everyone living In Downtown San Diego should step back and take note of what is possible. Ask yourselves what you can do to make these neighborhoods a more interesting and better place to live. ')}