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New Downtown Developments: San Diego Quiet Zone

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


If you live in downtown San Diego, from Little Italy, to the East Village, to the Marina District, the sound of passenger and freight train blarring their horn is probably ingrained in your head. Now this is for safety reasons, which is certainly understandable. The city of San Diego however, has implemented a plan to prevent trains from blowing that jolting horn, and maintaining a safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles.

The San Diego Quiet Zone is in the design phase, thus the date of finalization has not been set yet. Proper enviornmental review and and a public and City ordinance process to convert G Street to a one-way street has been completed.

The San Diego Quiet Zone plan will impliment safety enhancements to the 13 railroad crossings in the downtown area. Once these safety enhancements are completed, downtown SanDiego will then qualify for a federal Quiet Zone designation, in which trains do not have to routinely blow their horns through rail crossings.