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Opening Day as a deadline

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


My business partner once made a great observation. He said, it’s great to live in a neighborhood where opening day at Petco Park in Downtown San Diego is a deadline for new businesses, restaurants and shops. How true. All the new places are trying to be open for the masses that come down for opening day of the San Diego Padres Basebull Club. The thousands of people that walk around the streets brings a certain electricity to the neighborhood of the East Village that gets into the veins of even those who don’t like baseball. Take my wife for example. Before we moved down here hse had no care or intrest in nine guys in the field watching one guy try to hit a ball. Now, two years and coming upon our third season later, she is concerned about the Padres keeping Khalil Greene on the roster and is wondering if Trevor will be able to go a few more years. We walk from our Fahrenheit loft home to the games, a block away. It is awesome. On the way we see the businesses that are already here like Mondo Gelato, Basic Urban Kitchen and Wonderland. We are excited about the ones that are frantically trying to get built out as well. The new grocery type market in the TR Produce building, Manhattan style steakhouse coming along J street, The Tilted Kilt and many more. Start swinging those hammers, lads, as there are lots of people on their way. As a side note-It’s so much nicer when you can walk to it instead of drive.