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Right-size, not down-size

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Ever look around your home and think,”where did all this stuff come from?” I did it all the time out in the burbs. Plenty of place to store junk in a garage or the back yard. But that junk was never used. It was just junk. I look around my loft now and I realize that you can see EVERYTHING. It puts you in a state of mind of “what do I really need and what will I really use?” and then the right sizing comes in. Do you really need three couches, six night stands, multiple coffee tables etc? Do you still wear the t-shirts from High School (twelve years ago) that boast a city championship, the Michael Jackson jacket and the moon boots? Is it necessary to continue to keep a pile of four month old and older magazines? Do you really think it is necessary to have a weight set in what could be your office area?

Urban living to the rescue. Assess all the stuff laying around. Donate to Father Joe, Goodwill, Salvation Army or the Purple Heart. Give stuff away to friends and family or E-bay it- make a couple dollars on it. Simplify your living area, clear your space and your mind at the same time. Enjoy the clean edges of your home that weren’t meant to be hidden by boxes and other things previously mentioned. Just because there is space in the home doesn’t mean it needs to be filled. Allow it to stay open for air and light flow. You’ll find that 1,000 square feet can be more than enough space for a family if properly managed. If you have a kitchen island, allow it to be your breakfast/dinner table as well. A great idea is to have dual purpose for your space. Store stuff under the bed instead of the closet. It will free up closet space. Also, an office desk can be created to utilize the space underneath for more clean storage. Just a few ideas from someone who lives in a loft. Have fun!