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San Diego Airport Landing

By Mike in June 2008|Video with 0 Comments


As many of us sometimes do, I found myself surfing on Youtube and came across this interesting video. We do so much blogging on the state of the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market and statistics, so I thought this blog entry would be for pure fun. Everyone who lives in Downtown San Diego loves the fact that the airport is so close. Once you land, it is really only a $5.00 cab ride home. From most of the high-rise complexes, you can sometimes see four or five planes lining up approach. As the planes approach the runway, they come within 300ft. of the 5 Freeway. It is quite a site. For locals, it is well known that a seat on the LEFT side of the plane will give you a birds eye view of the skyline. It is always fun to spot your home as you are coming in to land. There is no greater feeling of arriving home to see the bay, palm trees, and the buildings of the city. Also, for those of us who study the skyline you can always tell the timeframe of the video or picture by looking at the construction levels of the buildings. In this video, there are still cranes at ARIA and Electra. Both of those are now complete and selling. Bayside, Saphire, Vantage Pointe, and Breeza are still in the beginning stages construction. While not complete yet, they are now permanent points of reference in the San Diego Skyline shot. Have fun with this one, and enjoy your next fight into Downtown!