Local entertainment in the East Village

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/local-entertainment-in-the-east-village/84/ Did you know that there is a budding music scene in the Ball Park District of the East Village of downtown San Diego? On Thursday nights you can go to Mondo Gelato and hear local artists perform original music along with the occasional out of town mnusical guest. A block away you can go… Read More

Hilton San Diego Bayfront: Out with the Old and Polluted and in with the New and Profitable

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/hilton-san-diego-bayfront-out-with-the-old-and-polluted-and-in-with-the-new-and-profitable/58/ Another major transformation is being completed in Downtown San Diego. Out with the old and in with the new, and improved in this case. For the past eight years Hilton has worked on the transformation of the heavily polluted former Campbell Shipyard; adjacent to the new hotel site. The Campbell Shipyard operated from 1910… Read More

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Public Opinion Called for in Development of New Civic Center

uncategorized/let-your-voice-be-heard-public-opinion-called-for-in-development-of-new-civic-center/59/ One of the beautiful things about living in downtown San Diego is that this fine city is still growing it’s idenity and the community can help to mold this idenity into one complimenting it’s resident’s. The city has recently planned to cut a plan with a private developer to destruct and rebuild the 1960s-era… Read More

A day at the park… Petco Park

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/a-day-at-the-park-petco-park/56/ Today my wife and I took our six year old to ride her bike at Petco Park. As usual, she did a couple of loops between the trees and then made a bee-line to the playground. We followed her, pushing our newborn in her stroller. What was different about this day, and pretty awesome… Read More

Opening Day as a deadline

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/opening-day-as-a-deadline/57/ My business partner once made a great observation. He said, it’s great to live in a neighborhood where opening day at Petco Park in Downtown San Diego is a deadline for new businesses, restaurants and shops. How true. All the new places are trying to be open for the masses that come down for… Read More

Downtown San Diego 2008: HOT Buyer’s Market!

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/downtown-san-diego-2008-hot-buyers-market/54/ Everyone here at 92101 Urban Living remains optimistic about the Downtown San Diego market. We have had a surge in calls from investors and buyers ready to take advantage of this current state of the market. We are currently experiencing a HOT buyers market here in Downtown San Diego. The median resale condo price… Read More

Fit Athletic: Welcome to the East Village!

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/fit-athletic-welcome-to-the-east-village/55/ The East Village is in an exciting state of transformation. Several premiere residential high-rises have been completed over the past couple years and now the local businesses are popping up, giving the East Village an urban artistic flare setting itself apart from the rest of downtown. There is Basic , an urban kitchen and… Read More

Realtors: Housing picture in state won’t improve soon

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/realtors-housing-picture-in-state-wont-improve-soon/19/ The sky is falling, the sky is falling… oh wait. It’s still up there. Blue, with fluffy clouds. An occasional airplane flying into our beautiful city. According to the article in today’s UT, Homesale forecasts for next year will be at 334,500 for 2008. which is down 9 percent. NINE PERCENT people. Call in… Read More

Pedestrian Bridge Development gets Reevaluated

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/pedestrian-bridge-development-gets-reevaluated/51/ Originally, when the Pedestrian Bridge was envisioned (4 years ago), officials agreed to make the bridge an iconic entryway into downtown. (*See the previous blog on thePedestrianBridge*) The previous plan for a $12.8 million budget has swelled to more than $30 million which has caused official to rethink their original goal and design. Check… Read More