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Downtown San Diego Events: February 2008

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/february-events/49/ Downtown San Diego Events for February 2008 Outdoors • Farmers Market: Third Avenue/San Diego-9:00am to 1:00pm Downtown San Diego @ 3rd Ave and J St• Petco Park-US Sevens: International Rugby Feb. 9th-10th Music Venues/Shows• HOB monthly Schedule • 4th & B monthly schedule • The Casbah (rock, experimental, garage, soul)• Folsom @ Hard Rock… Read More

Just a Thought… a good one!

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/just-a-thought-a-good-one/43/ A stunning break through in the world of San Diego news! We werent built around an oil field, silver mine or any other such thing that would cause us to board up our windows and abandon our town. I am not kidding. Its true. San Diego is actually a destination city only becoming better… Read More

The 2008 USA Seven’s Return to San Diego!!!

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/the-2008-usa-sevens-return-to-san-diego/46/ San Diego welcomes back the USA Sevens Tournament! The Sevens Tournament is the largest Rugby event in North America. Last year the tournament was a huge success drawing avid rugby fans and curious spectators alike. This years games are not to be missed! Unfamiliar with Ruby or the logistics of the game? Doesnt matter,… Read More

San Diego Farmers’ Market

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/san-diego-farmers-market/47/ My favorite way to start off a Sunday morning is to walk out my door, down 2 blocks and go to the downtown 3rd Avenue Farmers Market. I recommend starting off with an organic coffee or juice and then just cruise and enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes of what local San Diego farmers… Read More

Downtown San Diego Web Cam’s: View Downtown Live 24/7!

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/downtown-san-diego-web-cams-view-downtown-live-247/48/ Want to see San Diego live? The Union Tribune’s website broadcasts live webcams that are set throughout Downtown highlighting the different neighborhoods. View Downtown San Diego from your home anytime. It’s a great way to tour the area and see for yourself what each neighrborhood looks like. They also highlight residential high-rises…..Check it… Read More

Downtown San Diego Parking 101

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/downtown-san-diego-parking-101/41/ is some very useful information. If you live in Downtown San Diego or are planning to relocate.READ THIS!!! Parking in downtown can be a giant pain and costly! Meters, street sweeping, holiday and special event parking, tons of different colored curbs, inch regulations from car to curb.and with all this, the city of… Read More

Downtown San Diego Restaurant Week…Don’t Miss It!

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/downtown-san-diego-restaurant-weekdont-miss-it/44/ For those of you that live in San Diego and for those of you that don’t, this is a great opportunity to expand your taste palate for San Diego’s numerous culinary delights. Twice a year in 2008, January 27 – February 1, 2008 and then June 22 – June 27, 2008, you can experience… Read More

Gaslamp District’s Annual Mardi Gras Celebration Returns

Gaslamp District’s Annual Mardi Gras Celebration Returns

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/gaslamp-districts-annual-mardi-gras-celebration-returns/45/ February 5th, from 6pm until midnight is when the party takes place. Mardi Gras is French for ‘Fat Tuesday’ and is more or less the last day for Catholics to ‘Indulge’ before Ash Wednesday. Many local businesses, restaurants, bands, DJs, and more are involved in the celebration.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade 2008

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/martin-luther-king-jr-day-parade-2008/39/ One of the coolest things about a downtown lifestyle is that you can participate in cultural events and celebrations right outside your front door. This Saturday’s 2008 Martin Luther King Day Parade is a prefect example! This year the parade started on the MLK Promenade and wrapped around the Ballpark down J Street in… Read More