CRSSD Fall Fest Lineup Sure to Rock

Fall is just around the corner here in San Diego and with it comes the beloved CRSSD Fall Music Festival. For those who haven’t had the privilege of attending this incredible music festival, it’s about as fun as music festivals get, made better by being in our own beautiful backyard. We aren’t just all downtown… Read More

5 Reasons You’re the Annoying Neighbor

Every person in the world has neighbors whether near or far. While that’s great if you need a cup of sugar, inconsiderate neighbors can be fairly obnoxious. Before you point fingers, though, decide if it’s really the neighbor of if it’s you. You Don’t Follow the Noise Ordinance Most neighbors understand typical daily clamor and… Read More

6 Things in Your Listing That Turn Off Potential Homebuyers

In this day and age, the internet is one of the primary ways potential buyers evaluate real estate listings. A quality listing that includes photos, enticing language, and a call to action will see the best results in the market today. When writing a listing for a downtown San Diego condo for sale, steer clear… Read More

Free Rides Have Arrived in Downtown San Diego

If the year-round sun, pristine beaches, and perfect weather isn’t enough to draw visitors and residents alike to San Diego, the city’s downtown development agency just gave them one more very big reason: free transportation. How FRED Works Led by San Diego’s Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, Free Ride Everywhere Downtown was recently launched in an attempt… Read More

5 Skills Every First-Time Homeowner Should Master

Purchasing your first downtown San Diego condo is an exciting moment. However, homeowners have many more responsibilities than renters, especially in regards to fixing and maintaining their place. Here are five of the most important skills you should learn as a first-time homeowner: 1. Cleaning Appliances Always clear the lint out of the dryer vent… Read More

How to Celebrate National Rum Day

More than just a delicious ingredient found in tropical cocktails, rum has a long and interesting history. In the 17th century, sugar was produced by crushing sugar cane, boiling the juices, and leaving it to cure in clay pots. A liquid, known now as molasses, would leak of out the pots, leaving the sugar behind…. Read More