8 Things Buyers Want When Searching for Luxury Properties

Selling a luxury property is a completely different experience than trying to sell in the budget real estate market. The buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for extra luxuries normally have different priorities. Most 92101 real estate experts find buyers of luxury properties are especially interested in these 8 qualities. 1. Exotic Materials… Read More

10 Herbs to Grow If You Live in a Condo

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6 Ways to Make a Small Condo Look Bigger

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What’s Included in a Mortgage Payment?

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5 Things You Need to Disclose When Selling a Condo

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4 Myths About Downtown San Diego Debunked

As one of the most exciting and prosperous housing markets in Southern California, San Diego is sometimes subject to hearsay and misinformation that can devolve into myth status. Here are 4 myths about downtown San Diego that prospective homeowners should learn to recognize and ignore. 1. Downtown San Diego Is Always a Seller’s Market San… Read More