Does Downtown San Diego Rank High in Walkability?

There was a time when Southern California was not the gridlock capital of the world, when residents in many neighborhoods could actually walk to stores, parks, pubs, cafés, restaurants, gyms, banks, churches, and other places intrinsic to their lifestyles. After World War II, financial prosperity and the auto industry transformed Southern California into a mess… Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Penthouse Hunting

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7 Parking Apps People Should Use in Downtown San Diego

A few years ago, the Washington Business Journal conducted a study about parking conditions across major cities in the United States. Three California cities made the list of the 10 worst cities in terms of parking. Thankfully, San Diego was not one of them. Nonetheless, the vehicular density of Southern California often requires drivers to… Read More

7 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Condo

If you are the owner of a condo in downtown San Diego, your property is among the most sought-after real estate in the United States, and you will likely be able to entertain a few bids should you choose to enter the red-hot sellers’ market. The American housing market is not entirely cyclical. Periods of… Read More

All About Downtown San Diego’s Spreckels Theatre

In the 21st century, San Diego may not have the same showbiz legacy as Hollywood and Los Angeles. However, things were different in the decade preceding the Roaring Twenties, when Spreckels Theatre was built as part of the Panama-California Expo in Balboa Park, which itself celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal. The historic Spreckels… Read More

6 Common Mistakes DIYers Make When Painting Their Walls

After you’ve put in the work of painting a wall, the last thing you want to see is that your freshly painted wall looks nothing like what you envisioned. The problems may be easily corrected or require a complete do-over. Whether it’s the color, sloppy edges, or tiny splats on the ceiling, there are ways… Read More

The Casbah: A Legendary Music Venue in San Diego

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6 Things You Need to Remember When Closing on a Condo

If you have bought one of the many amazing condos for sale in 92101 and are scheduled to close soon, you’ll be happy to hear that research commissioned by the Washington Post in April 2017 indicates San Diego is one of a few dozen American housing markets where condominium values are increasing faster than single-family… Read More