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Little Italy San Diego is one of the most unique and diverse of the 6 core neighborhoods. As a result, Little Italy Condos and Lofts for sale are some of Downtown San Diego’s most valuable pieces of real estate. Located on the northern border of Downtown San Diego, Little Italy has a very quaint and local neighborhood feel. Known as San Diego’s only true ethnic neighborhood, Little Italy Downtown San Diego is the perfect combination of residential, commercial, and urban community infrastructure. Made up of artist lofts, small businesses, and top San Diego Restaurants, San Diego Little Italy is a perfect neighborhood for creative and entrepreneurial residents who want to have a direct impact on the local lifestyle.

In the earlier part of the 20th century, the northern shore of the San Diego Bay was home to many Italian and Portuguese fishermen. These men sailed from San Diego Bay in search of tuna, deep-sea sport, and commercial fish. With a decline in the tuna industry, and construction of Interstate 5, the neighborhood was disrupted and endured decades of depreciation. In the early 1990s, local residents and business owners teamed up with the Centre City Development Corporation to preserve the small scale, cultural dynamic of the community and revitalize the commercial district. In 2000, gentrification of the neighborhood began.

Today, Little Italy Real Estate choices offer all components of optimal Downtown San Diego living.  The sloping landscape grants striking North bay views and comprises a lively urban village made up of Little Italy lofts, condos, rental apartments, and some town homes. The main corridor of Little Italy is India Street…featuring restaurants, small cafes, boutiques, galleries, public art and specialty shops. Each Saturday, The Mercato Farmer’s Market is alive with fresh produce, flowers, fine foods, gifts, live music…and a view of the bay.  Nearby, cypress lined Amici Park features a bocce ball court and open space for the community to enjoy.

The Little Italy Real Estate market is comprised of a diversity of complexes and pricing from Mid-rise smaller communities to the larger and more expensive high-rises buildings.   As a result, the Little Italy Condos and Lofts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Complexes like DOMA, 350 West Ash, and Aperture are comprised mainly of Little Italy lofts.   Little Italy condo floor plans are heavily represented in the moderate to upper moderate complexes of: La Vita, Acqua Vista, Palermo, Breeza, Village Walk, and Bella Via.   The pricing of Little Italy Condos and Lofts for sale will depend mainly on the square footage, location, and specific complex upgrades.

This urban neighborhood is a center for arts and culture. Little Italy hosts popular annual events such as The Little Italy Carnevale, Art Walk (over 90,000 visitors to this event), Festivale Siciliano, Italian Motorsport Show, and Precious Festa (largest Italian Festival outside of NYC).  San Diego’s Little Italy is larger than San Francisco’s, St. Louis’, and New York’s combined.  Very colorful indeed.

Little Italy Investment Opportunities

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Over the last couple years, the Little Italy neighborhood has seen tremendous residential growth from loft complexes to high-rises.  Today, there are many different options to choose from as it is Downtown's most completed neighborhood next to the Marina District.  Due to the increase in residential living, the neighborhood's infrastructure has and will continue to grow and flourish. Little Italy is for the investor would wants to live an urban lifestyle, but still retain that small "local” neighborhood feel.

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    350 West Ash

    350 West Ash: a brand new high-rise located on the corner of Ash and State Street in the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego. 350 West Ash is concrete construction and was completed by B&H Property Systems in June 2005. It features street-level work-live lofts and all units are above the 8th floor allowing for beautiful city and bay views. Monthly HOA fees are moderate as ame...

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    Acqua Vista

    Acqua Vista Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are located in the two 18 story high-rise towers of Little Italy.  Acqua Vista is located on the corner of Beech and Columbia and is within walking distance to unique shops, restaurants, and boutiques of the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.  Monthly HOA fees are "moderate plus" as the complex features full-time security, concierge...

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    Apeture Condos, Lofts, and Homes for Sale are located in Downtown San Diego’s Little Italy Neighborhood. Aperture is the Citymark Development newest 11-story complex with 86 condominiums, 4,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, and 131 underground parking spaces.  Studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and Penthouses are available ranging from 715 to 2158 square feet.  Aperture cont...

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    Bella Via

    Bella Via: a mid-rise contemporary complex that is located in the heart of Little Italy.  Bella Via is on the corner of India and Cedar and in a great location to nightlife and shopping of Little Italy.  Street level retail includes Sushi Fix and other restaurants and boutique shops.  Bella Via is concrete construction and was completed by Bella Via Association in 2004.  Monthly HOA fee...

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    Breeza, an InterGulf Development property,  is downtowns' newest high rise communities.  Completed in 2009, the Breeza Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are a valuable addition to the choices in Downtown San Diego Real Estate.  Situated along what has been dubbed "Millionaire's Row" on Pacific Highway in downtown San Diego, this community is located in between the bay and Little Italy.  Many of...

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    Brittany Tower

    Brittany Towers is one of the most unique and stunning buildings in 92101. The luxury complex is most known for its architectural feature of slanted and tinted exterior windows, sweeping hilltop Skyline and Bay views, and proximity to Balboa Park. A Brittany Tower home is most attractive to the urban homebuyer who wants to combine views, space, and a location that is close to the action, withou...

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    Doma Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are located on the corners of Fir and Kettner in the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.  Doma is a mid-rise complex consisting of two buildings.  One of the buildings consists of contemporary lofts constructed out of cement and the other building has town homes, city homes, and loft units constructed out of steel/wood frame.  The buildin...

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    Hawthorne Place

    Hawthorne Place: located on the corner of Hawthorne and India Street in Little Italy.  Hawthorne Place is a mid-rise complex of wood and stucco construction and was completed by Phillip Boczanowski in 2004.  Street level retail includes Puerto la Boca (Argentinean Restaurant) and Starbucks Coffee (great neighborhood location).  Monthly HOAs are low as there are no real amenities rel...

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    La Vita

    La Vita Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are located on the corner of Union and Beech in the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.  La Vita is a mid-rise and high-rise combo made of concrete construction and was completed by Intergulf in 2005.  The monthly HOAs at La Vita are moderate relative to other downtown San Diego complexes.  Homeowners at La Vita love that the complex ha...

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    Palermo Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are located on the corners of Beech and Front Streets in Little Italy.  Palermo is a mid-rise complex of wood and stucco construction and was completed by Barone Galasso & Associates, INC. in 2004.  Monthly HOAs at Palermo are moderate relative to other downtown properties.  Buyers interested Palermo will have a choice between Street Facing an...

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    Portico Condos, Studios, Homes for Sale are located on India Street in Between Ash and Beech Streets in Downtown San Diego.  Portico is a condo conversion project constructed of steel frame and wood completed in late 2005.  The units were planned to be rental units, but converted to homeowner sales before construction.  Therefore, the units are brand new.  The floor plans offer great divers...

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    Porto Siena

    Porto Sienna: located on the corners of Cedar and India Street in the heart of the Little Italy. Porto Siena is a mid-rise complex of wood and stucco construction and was completed in 2002. HOAs at Porto Sienna are low relative to other downtown properties. Highlights of Porto Siena include moderately priced traditional style condos with some having bay views and its location in the heart of...

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    Village Walk

    Village Walk Condos, Lofts, Homes for Sale are located on the corners of Beech and India in the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.  Village Walk is a mid-rise complex of wood and stucco construction and was completed by The Olsen Company in 2002.  Village Walk is right on the main area of India Street with surrounding restaurants and shops at street level. Monthly HOAs a...

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