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Downtown San Diego Lofts For Sale

A wide selection of San Diego Lofts For Sale

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Current Downtown San Diego Lofts for sale

The following page displays all of the loft properties available in Downtown San Diego.
This is the most comprehensive selection of Downtown San Diego Lofts currently on the market. The loft floor plan in Downtown San Diego is a very general classification which indicates certain characteristics of the property. The characteristics of Downtown San Diego Lofts include: Large open Floor plans, Floor to ceiling windows, high ceilings, exposed brick, concrete, and wood beams, exposed air ducts, and contemporary design. Downtown San Diego has warehouse lofts with no walls, units with staircases leading to lofted areas, and loft-condo combination floor plans. The loft floor plan can now be found in every core neighborhood of Downtown San Diego. Live / work lofts can also be found throughout Downtown San Diego, which are often used as art studios or home offices. There are specific complexes like M2i, Parkloft, DOMA, and Fahrenheit which contain loft units exclusively. There are also complexes like Union Square, TREO, Park Blvd. West, Park Blvd East, Citywalk, Cityfront Terrace, Palermo and Village Walk which have loft units combined with condos. The following Downtown San Diego Lofts are presented by descending price.