6 Reasons to See the Condo You Want in Person

If you are thinking about acquiring prime real estate in downtown San Diego, you may have already received unsolicited advice and invalid arguments about condos being nothing more than space between four walls instead of actual land defined by metes and bounds. The truth about condos is reflected by market demand. In downtown San Diego,… Read More

Which Home Loan Type Is the Best Choice for You?

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8 Strategies Real Estate Agents Use to Sell Homes

San Diego homeowners who plan on putting their properties on the market may consider the possibility of a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transaction at least once before going to the closing table. “Going FSBO” is a strategy that dates back to the 1970s, but it has significantly lost its sheen in recent years. According… Read More

Vocabulary Every First-Time Homebuyer Needs to Know

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Steps to Take If Your Condo Unit Floods

After Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, insurance companies in Texas prepared for a flood of claims from homeowners whose properties were affected by water damage. Insurers estimated millions of dollars would be paid this year due to the heavy rainfall brought by this hurricane, which doused single-family residences and condos alike. If you are the… Read More

5 Great Reasons to Purchase a Short Sale

According to an August 2017 report published by the American Bankers Association, existing home sales across the United States are slightly decreasing due to very short supply and builders having difficulty keeping up with demand. Out of 5.4 million existing home sales in July, one percent were short sales. which means there is still hope… Read More

5 Green Renovations You Can Make to a Penthouse

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How to Make Sure Your Loft Is Up to Code

A loft can be an excellent use of space that makes it possible to live in unique buildings. However, this can also lead to some challenges for the property owner. There are generally laws that all lofts in 92101 must follow if they want to fulfill the requirements for being used as a place of… Read More