How to Save Money to Purchase a Condominium

For most of 2017, San Diego has been a red-hot real estate market, particularly for owners of condominium units located in the downtown districts. What this means for prospective buyers is that they can expect to pay more as they get into bidding wars with other would-be buyers. Market conditions should not dissuade you from… Read More

Things Condo Flippers Should Avoid

For virtually all of 2017, housing market conditions in San Diego have largely benefited sellers, particularly those whose properties are condos in Marina San Diego or are located elsewhere in the downtown districts. These same market conditions have attracted quite a few individuals interested in flipping condos, which essentially means acquiring a property to sell… Read More

5 Home Improvements You Shouldn’t Make to Your Loft Yourself

With the housing market in San Diego enjoying unprecedented levels of positive data, many owners of lofts in Cortez Hill San Diego and other neighborhoods in downtown may feel tempted to take on home improvement projects that increase the value of their properties. When these projects are completed on a do-it-yourself basis, they are known… Read More

What Happens When Doing a Final Walk-Through of a Home?

During the real estate crash that came to a calamitous end in 2008, the final walk-through step of a real estate transaction was often skipped for various reasons. In some cases, the buyers were in a rush to take possession because they felt letting a single day go by would be akin to missing out… Read More

First Steps Toward Becoming a Real Estate Investor

As one of the most lucrative housing markets in the United States, San Diego tends to attract a considerable number of real estate investors, many of them locals who learned about property investing on their own. Practically anyone who aspires to become a real estate investor can do so thanks to the high levels of… Read More

5 Reasons to Legally Evict a Tenant

Landlord/tenant relationships can become strained for any number of reasons. It’s important to remember that eviction can only happen with just cause. For example, landlords cannot evict tenants from condos or lofts in East Village San Diego simply because they do not get along. Eviction is a complex legal process in California that must be… Read More

5 Negotiating Tips for Purchasing a Condo

Real estate market conditions in San Diego have been favoring sellers for most of 2017. What this means for prospective buyers, particularly those interested in acquiring condominium units, is that negotiating is even more crucial before sitting down at the closing table. Due to high demand of condominium properties in the downtown San Diego districts,… Read More

Selling without a Real Estate Agent: The Pros & Cons

For owners of lofts, penthouses, and condos in downtown San Diego, housing market conditions could not be any better than they are now. The current situation in San Diego can be described as a sellers’ market, which essentially means the housing inventory is not sufficient to accommodate demand by homebuyers. In late October, the S&P… Read More

How Is the Value of a Condo Determined?

Just as with other types of real estate, the value of a condo is determined by many factors. Of course, many of these factors are unique when it comes to condos and other homes with shared community space. Here’s what determines the value of 92101 condos for sale. Location Location is everything in real estate…. Read More