Things to Avoid Doing If You’re in Escrow

The home buying process can be exhausting. If a buyer is “in escrow,” it means the weeks of visiting potential properties and making offers is almost over. Once the transaction is finalized, buyers officially become homeowners. However, escrow doesn’t mean the process is over, and it’s important to be careful. Here are a few things… Read More

5 Tips for Making Money When Flipping a Condo

According to a recent survey taken among San Diego members of the National Association of Realtors, condominium units are the preferred type of dwelling among 12 percent of prospective homebuyers. In 2018, construction of single-family homes in San Diego County will not be as active as during previous years. However, condominium towers are expected to… Read More

What Should You Do If Your Condo Isn’t Selling?

Condos often sell quickly, but the modern real estate market can be a little uncertain, which can end up causing a homeowner to be stuck with an unneeded property that simply does not attract any buyers. If your downtown San Diego condo isn’t selling, take some additional measures to ensure you can find a market…. Read More

5 Ways to Prepare a Home for Earthquakes

Earthquakes are known to occur across California. If you rent or own downtown San Diego real estate, the following steps can help you protect your home and belongings if an earthquake occurs. 1. Make Structural Updates Updating your home with reinforcements is essential if you want to make your home more earthquake-resistant. Reinforcements like anchors… Read More

5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home If You Plan to Sell It

One of the top tips for those selling real estate in 92101 is to remove clutter. Tidying up a property lets buyers focus on the home’s positive features without being distracted by a mess. If you have been living in the same location for a while, decluttering may be easier said than done. Use these… Read More

What Happens If You Get Multiple Offers on Your Condo?

As the owner of a condo for sale in downtown San Diego, you should not be surprised to get multiple offers when your property is listed for sale. For many housing markets across the United States, bidding wars among prospective buyers have been called the “new normal” of real estate transactions since 2016, and this… Read More

Pros & Cons of Accepting a Cash Offer for Your Condo

When selling Gaslamp Quarter condos downtown, you may end up in a situation where a buyer offers cash. A cash offer means the buyer will pay the price in full immediately instead of getting a mortgage from a financial institution that will then transfer the funds to you. Agreeing to a cash purchase can speed… Read More

6 Reasons You Should Have a Condo Inspected Before Buying It

Homebuyers are always encouraged to make a home inspection a condition of a purchase offer. While home inspections are advertised as a way to detect issues with major house systems like the foundation and roof, this doesn’t mean inspections aren’t relevant for condo buyers. Just as with single-family homes, condos for sale in 92101 can… Read More

How to Sell Your Condo If It Has Structural Damage

It is rare to sell a home that is in perfect condition, but putting a condo on the market becomes much trickier if it has structural issues. Downtown San Diego condos that have issues with the roof or walls may scare away potential buyers in many cases. However, you do not necessarily need to spend… Read More