5 Tips for Making Money When Renting Out a Condo

A lot of people new to the real estate business think renting out properties will be an easy source of income. However, you may have difficulty making money on your investment if you manage the property incorrectly. If you own condos in Marina San Diego or another neighborhood in downtown, follow these five tips to… Read More

Installing Baseboards: A DIY Guide

Condos and lofts in Core San Diego will be missing something aesthetically if they don’t have baseboards along the walls. If the home you’ve purchased has old trim or no trim at all, you may decide to install it yourself.  Installing baseboard molding is a somewhat simple DIY project to enhance the look of your… Read More

6 Easy Home Projects You Can Knock Out in a Weekend

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7 Things to Do at Comic-Con This Year

There may be different comic conventions scattered around the world, but everyone knows Comic-Con International in San Diego is the most important con of all. San Diego’s wildly popular convention has been around since the 1970s, and over the years it has transformed into the largest pop culture convention in the world. Each year, there… Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying a Foreclosure

As you browse for homes to buy in the San Diego area, you’re bound to stumble upon what seems like an amazing deal: condos or lofts in downtown San Diego priced below comparables and within your budget. While you may assume there’s something wrong with the home to explain the discount, the answer may be… Read More

Does Downtown San Diego Rank High in Walkability?

There was a time when Southern California was not the gridlock capital of the world, when residents in many neighborhoods could actually walk to stores, parks, pubs, cafés, restaurants, gyms, banks, churches, and other places intrinsic to their lifestyles. After World War II, financial prosperity and the auto industry transformed Southern California into a mess… Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Penthouse Hunting

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7 Parking Apps People Should Use in Downtown San Diego

A few years ago, the Washington Business Journal conducted a study about parking conditions across major cities in the United States. Three California cities made the list of the 10 worst cities in terms of parking. Thankfully, San Diego was not one of them. Nonetheless, the vehicular density of Southern California often requires drivers to… Read More