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Top floor Urban Condo in Acqua Vista in the Little Italy District – For Rent

Top floor Urban Condo in Acqua Vista in the Little Italy District – For Rent

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/top-floor-urban-condo-in-acqua-vista-in-the-little-italy-district-for-rent/1375/ Contemporary and Urban Little Italy Condo: Home #405 in Acqua Vista has dual master suites, 2 Balconies, 9′ and 11′ ceilings, top floor perimeter unit, floor to ceiling windows with tons of natural light, Southern city exposure, washer & dryer in unit and closet organization. 1 valet parking included. Extra parking can be rented… Read More

Thoughts From Both Sides on the possibility of the Football Stadium in Downtown

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/thoughts-from-both-sides-on-the-possibility-of-the-football-stadium-in-downtown/248/ As you have read in previous blogs on our site, there is a proposal for a deck to be built and house convention center space, as well as a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers. It will also be a stadium that could hold a World Cup event, Olympic events and a great… Read More

LA Times East Village Neighborhood “Downtown San Diego’s Own SOHO”

LA Times East Village Neighborhood “Downtown San Diego’s Own SOHO”

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/la-times-east-village-neighborhood-downtown-san-diegos-own-soho/253/ As a Specialist in the Downtown San Diego Neighborhoods, we often get asked by authors of various news resources to comment and provide information for their articles. As long as we dont get misquoted, this is one of the fun parts of the job. Some say it is promotion, but I hope you know… Read More

Festival of Sails

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/festival-of-sails/250/ If you looked from your balcony at the Grande at Santa Fe Place you may have thought you were suddenly transported back in time to a Carribean port of call. That the rum runners had come into town to spend a few nights of partying before setting sail to another adventure on the high… Read More

San Diego Urban Trees

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/san-diego-urban-trees/243/ Strolling along the North Embarcadero Water Front is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things to do while in Downtown San Diego. This stretch of walking path extends all the way up to Harbor and Shelter Islands. On the half mile stretch of Harbor Blvd. between The Cruise Ship Terminal and Hawthorne… Read More

Scooters, Cupcakes and Roof Top Bars

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/scooters-cupcakes-and-roof-top-bars/241/ Urban Living lends itself to being on the cutting edge of what is new and “in” and hip and cool and every other adjective to describe the latest trend in fashion, food, transportation and nightlife. I think it was 1984 when I last saw a Vespa. Now I see them everywhere in Downtown San… Read More

Downtown Stadium Development?

Downtown Stadium Development?

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/downtown-stadium-development/247/ NFL, NBA, NHL, even the Olympics in Downtown San Diego? Well, that is the proposal, and it is a big one at roughly a proposed $2 billion. Check out the Article entitled Developers: Terminal deck could solve woes The site is the 10th Ave. Marine Terminal just south east of the San Diego Convention… Read More

Then and Now: the tale of Fahrenheit

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/then-and-now-the-tale-of-fahrenheit/239/ In September of 2004 the East Villages’ own Fahrenheit was featured on the cover of a CNN Money article online. It wrote about the gentrification of downtown areas across the country and how it is a good thing. Something you rarely hear in the news today. Gentrification is often associated with a negative tone… Read More

The State of Real Estate Financing

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/the-state-of-real-estate-financing/245/ Financing continues to be a challenge in todays Real Estate Market. We see that the conditions and documentation that underwriters have been asking for is getting more and more rigid. As real estate brokers, we try to get investors to consider equally the two sides of the deal. Most of the time, we cant… Read More

SD Relay For Life

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/sd-relay-for-life/240/ On the morning of April 25th, 2007 I received a call from my mother. I knew what she was going to say and had braced myself for it but no amount of preparing or knowing can ever prevent the gut wrenching feeling you get when you hear this come from the other end of… Read More