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7 Ways New Homeowners Can Save Money

If you are the proud new owner of a condo in downtown San Diego, you have purchased a residential property in one of the most attractive housing markets in the United States. There’s also a chance the closing costs and moving expenses have left you with a pretty tight budget. If this is the case,… Read More

The Emotional Impact of Buying a Home

Many things can occur after purchasing a loft, penthouse, or condo for sale in downtown San Diego. Budgets often have to be altered to make room for home improvements and unforeseen repairs, and adjusting to a new neighborhood and living space can take some time as well. However, owning a home can also have a… Read More

Should You Rent After Retirement?

The percentage of renters continues to rise, especially among adults 55 and older. Find out of renting is right for you once you decide to retire by reading through these pros and cons. Pros No Mortgage – If you bought your home late in life, you might have a hefty mortgage payment as you near… Read More

5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Move

Moving is stressful: packing up, carrying heavy boxes and furniture, unpacking. In downtown San Diego, the challenges of moving also include stairs, small walkways, and difficult spaces to navigate through. Here are five tips to make the move into your new condo in downtown San Diego stress-free. 1. Measure! Measure your space first. This includes… Read More

5 Skills Every First-Time Homeowner Should Master

Purchasing your first downtown San Diego condo is an exciting moment. However, homeowners have many more responsibilities than renters, especially in regards to fixing and maintaining their place. Here are five of the most important skills you should learn as a first-time homeowner: 1. Cleaning Appliances Always clear the lint out of the dryer vent… Read More

Watch Out for These Real Estate Code Words

Real estate agents have strict legal and ethical requirements they must follow when it comes to disclosing things about a downtown San Diego condo for sale. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try to gloss over problems by using some common real estate code words. 1. Cozy “Cozy” is a term that typically means comfortable… Read More

Tips for Your Final Walk-Through

Final walk-throughs give buyers the chance to identify any property damages that weren’t present at the time of their inspections or that may have gone unnoticed by their inspectors. When new property damages are identified, investors have the option of walking away from these transactions or sellers can offer suitable forms of compensation. For instance,… Read More