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Value of Downtown San Diego Condos Vs. San Diego County

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/value-of-downtown-san-diego-condos-vs-san-diego-county/370/ Taken from the February 14, 2009 article by Roger Showley of the Union-Tribune, More Than 25% of Homes in County Worth Less Than Mortgage Balance: A new analysis from MDA DataQuick shows that more than a quarter of all homes in the county are worth less than the owners owe on their mortgages. And… Read More

SD ZIP Codes Seemingly Unaffected

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/sd-zip-codes-seemingly-unaffected/374/ printed an informative article regarding how some ZIP codes have managed to avoid the affects of the housing crisis: Some ZIP codes immune to crisis. “The bottom line, according to DataQuick analyst Andrew LePage, is that the neighborhoods with large price declines were fueled by a preponderance of low-cost foreclosure sales. By contrast,… Read More

Solara Lofts: Quality of Construction & Sustainable by Design

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/solara-lofts-quality-of-construction-sustainable-by-design/371/ Brett Cole, of Solara Lofts, posted this informative blog in regards to Solara’s contribution to “going green”. “Solara Lofts, an award winning community in the Cortez Hill neighborhood of Downtown San Diego, stands alone as the only available new home development categorized as an ‘adaptive reuse building’.” “Solara’s sustainable skeletal frame has been reused… Read More

Featured Listing: #530 at Icon

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/featured-listing-530-at-icon/369/ Make a Smilebox slideshow I always tell my clients that when you are buying a home that is priced per square is always better to by a 900 sq/ft home that feels like 1200 sq/ft. This ICON urban home on the 5th floor of Building 2 is a perfect example of this. Wow… Read More

Columbia District by Type of Sale

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/columbia-district-by-type-of-sale/365/ Out of the 5 complexes in the Columbia District, Electra and The Grande at Sante Fe North had the most Resales with 19 and 18 respectively. As you’ll note Sapphire had no Resales as it is currently in the final construction stages and is Developer sales only. The Grande North and Treo had the… Read More

Featured Property – #1615 at Smart Corner

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/featured-property-1615-at-smart-corner/351/ Located at the intersection of Park Boulevard and Broadway at the north eastern edge of San Diegos newly emerging East Village district. Exemplifies the best principles of Smart Growth, an approach to urban planning that seeks the benefits of a close connect between where people live and work. Combines residential living, an office building… Read More

Gaslamp by Type of Sale

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/gaslamp-by-type-of-sale/350/ The Gaslamp neighborhood is unique in that it is currently only offering 2 properties with homes for sale, Gaslamp City Square and Trellis. While Resales and REO sales were neck-in-neck in terms of total sales, Foreclosures were seen more prominently in one complex compared to the other. Trellis had 6 Resales, while Gaslamp City… Read More