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Day Trip-Go See the Wildflowers You Won’t Find Downtown I love living in Downtown San Diego. It’s convenient, you can walk just about everywhere, you have access to the bay and lots of outdoor activities, great restaraunts, shops, farmer’s markets…it’s hard to leave our downtown bubble. Plus, more often than not, getting in the car is the LAST thing I want to do. This… Read More

Downtown’s Library Funding Secured

Have you heard the news?! The 32.5 million dollars that the library still needed has been funded. Isn’t that amazing?! I could not be more excited since I live in the East Village just blocks away from this beauty. Downtown’s Central Library has been boasted, criticized and questioned for awhile now so when I heard this interview on NPR with Mel… Read More

Car2Go Walking through the East Village, I have noticed these tiny white and blue electric cars lining our streets. They are intriguing because they are everywhere-I’ve even seen people driving them all around Downtown San Diego too and couldn’t help but be curious by their presence. I decided it was finally time to stop wondering and actually learn more about… Read More

Big Bay Whale Days and Festival Last year, over 5,000 San Diegans ventured to the Port Pavilion Broadway Pier in the Embarcadero to celebrate the 13,000 mile migration of the Califormia Gray Whale at Big Bay Whale Days. This year will be its 4th annual appearance to celebrate this exciting time off the coast of San Diego. With whale watching… Read More

Major Renovation of Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego is known for its Seaport Village with its perfect waterfront location and Spanish & Victorian feel. Many come here to have a good time mixed with shopping, dining and entertainment. Seaport Village located in the Marina District might change the way we see it today as big plans has been up for discussion for some time now. The… Read More

San Diego Restaraunt Week is Back…For Lunch Too!

Twice annually, restaraunts all over San Diego open their doors (and menus) to San Diego Restaurant Week and folks, it’s here again. But, this time around they’ve added a little something different to the line-up:  Lunch! That’s right, lunch! I love it. Of the 180 restaurants participating this year a chunk of them have created… Read More