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East Village by Type of Sale

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/east-village-by-type-of-sale/415/ East Village had a lot of activity in February with a total of five Resales, seven REO sales and seven Developer sales. Leading the pack, Element and Metrome each had two Resales. M2i had the most REO sales with two. Icon had a large number of Developer sales with five due to incentivized pricing… Read More

Columbia District by Type of Sale

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/columbia-district-by-type-of-sale-2/411/ The February graphs are in! We’ll start last months analysis with the Columbia District. Sapphire Tower was the only complex that saw any Developer sales, with a total of one. Both the Grande North and South saw one Resale each. The Grande North was the only complex with an REO sale, totaling one.

Featured Property: The Grande South #501

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/featured-property-the-grande-south-501/408/ It is hard to forget something that just looks and feels right when you see it. The Grande South #501 offers that experience at a price point that puts you into more square footage at a reasonable price. The 1684 sq ft layout is far superior than most 2+den condos in downtown in that… Read More

Featured Property: #2006 at the Legend

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/featured-property-2006-at-the-legend/407/ From the moment that you enter the lobby of The Legend, you can feel the contemporary elegance of one of the most unique complexes in Downtown San Diego. Very rarely do I get the to present such an attractive listing price for a unit on the 20th floor with such open square footage and… Read More

Slight Increase in Median Home Price

downtown-san-diego-real-estate/slight-increase-in-median-home-price/403/ San Diego saw a slight increase in median home price in February in addition to upward movement of other indicators which gave some hope for a stabilizing market. The Union Tribune’s article: Housing data has glint of stability, and the above chart delve further into the topic of stabilizing prices.

Wayward Whale Cruises San Diego Bay

downtown-san-diego-urban-lifestyle/wayward-whale-cruises-san-diego-bay/401/ In the March 17 Union Tribune article: Gray whale still cruising around San Diego Bay we learn about our current gray whale visitor who seems to be off track on his first migration to Alaska. San Diegans have enjoyed looking out but have been warned to keep their distance.