San Diego Veterans Day Parade in Downtown San Diego

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Downtown San Diego Condo

& Loft home owners, residents, visitors and business owners are celebrating and honoring all of the men and women that served during the Cold War outside of Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm on November 11th, 2010 in Downtown San Diego at 11am with start at Cedar Street & Pacific Highway.


They are especially looking for those that served in the Berlin Airlift, Cuban Missile Crisis including the SOSUS System, North Atlantic Barrier and Pacific Barrier (VW Squadron members, DER crews, and Barrier Staffs) SAC commands (especially those involved in the B-52 programs), American Dew Line, Those on the Korean DMZ after the Korean War, crew members of the USS Pueblo, USS Liberty, USS Stark, Marines on Embassy Duty in hostile countries. They are looking for you to tell them your Cold War assignments and stories.If you are interested and would like to share your story click here.

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