Why Should You Downsize After Retirement?

Though some people plan on living in a big house for their entire life, more and more are choosing to downsize after retirement. Moving to a smaller home comes with many great advantages once you are no longer working each day. Downsizing during the golden years and opting for a loft or condo in downtown… Read More

Condos or Lofts: Which Are Right for You?

Deciding whether to purchase a condo or a loft is a choice many potential homebuyers face. If you’re not sure which living space is more suitable for you or your family, considering the differences each option offers may make it easier to determine whether a condo or loft is the right choice for you. Exterior… Read More

6 Essential Property Management Tips for New Landlords

Real estate analysts who follow the downtown San Diego market tend to focus too much on property transactions and not enough on the rental market. Most analysts expect current market conditions will continue to favor sellers during the first quarter of 2018, and the rising prices will likely turn some prospective buyers into renters. In… Read More

How to Avoid Having Your Condo Become a Foreclosure

The relative health of a housing market and its local economy is often measured by the number of mortgages in delinquent, default, or foreclosure status. If we accept this metric, we can assume the downtown San Diego real estate market is in good shape, but this does not completely erase the possibility that you may… Read More

5 Mistakes New Real Estate Agents Might Make

Whether you’re buying lofts in Gaslamp Quarter or selling condos in Core San Diego, you should carefully consider the real estate agent you choose. Along with an agent’s specialties, recognition, and how well you get along, you may want to consider how much experience the agent has. Without much experience, new agents can be prone… Read More

Features Every Penthouse Buyer Wants

Buyers shopping for penthouses in Gaslamp or another neighborhood in downtown San Diego expect luxurious finishes, prime location, and sprawling space. Still, some features are in higher demand than others. Here are some of the most popular features buyers today expect from a penthouse property. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Location may be crucial, but it’s not enough… Read More

6 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Property

To a great extent, the San Diego housing market can be compared to the dating scene. There are quite a few highly attractive condos, penthouses, and lofts for sale in Columbia District and other neighborhoods in downtown, and real estate agents play the role of matchmakers for prospective buyers. Current conditions in downtown San Diego… Read More

5 Ways to Get a Great Deal on the MLS

The sales forecast for the San Diego condo market in 2018 does not indicate it will stop favoring sellers, at least not during the first quarter of the year. What this means for prospective buyers is that they must pay closer attention to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) if they want to score a great… Read More

Why You Should Get to Know a Neighborhood Before Buying a Home

If you had to pick an axiom of real estate investing virtually everyone is familiar with, your choice would most likely be “location is everything.” It is generally accepted that location is what ultimately decides the market value of real estate, but prospective homebuyers should consider more than just purchase price when evaluating locations. Real… Read More

How to Save Money to Purchase a Condominium

For most of 2017, San Diego has been a red-hot real estate market, particularly for owners of condominium units located in the downtown districts. What this means for prospective buyers is that they can expect to pay more as they get into bidding wars with other would-be buyers. Market conditions should not dissuade you from… Read More