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5 Best Things About Living in a Downtown Loft

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|January 2014 with 0 Comments

Modern and Contemporary Loft Interior

When we start working with a client who is interested in a Downtown Loft, the key is to try and generate a good understanding of their vision.  Usually, there is a picture they have in their head for exactly what they are looking for.   We try to ask as many questions as we can to understand this vision.   The more we know, the better resource we can be in their loft search.  Our job is to be a filter, and open only the doors that get close to, or match their vision.  The reasons for living in a Downtown San Diego Loft are many.   However…when we get together with clients and talk about their vision, there are generally 5 sets of criteria that come up almost every time.

1. Create your own Space:  One of the most important criteria that buyers have when looking for lofts is the desire to create their own space.  These buyers do not want to be confined to walls and a typical floor plan.  They want the ability to personalize the space and it’s use to fit their needs.   When we are out with buyers looking at Downtown San Diego Lofts, we find that the lofts that present more of a “blank canvas” can have more value.   Buyers do not feel like they are in someone else’s space, and can start to imagine what the possibilities are for the loft space and urban home that they are envisioning.

2. Live Around Great People:   The homeowner energy and “make up” of the building is a very important consideration for a buyer.  Young or old…there are some common characteristics of a Downtown San Diego loft homeowner.  They tend to have vision and freedom to create and personalise their space.  In a loft building, one is surrounded by free thinkers…Neighbors who have a creative side to them.  Additionally, those looking for lofts are generally looking to live in them full time.   Generally, there are not many second homes in the loft complexes as compared to…say, luxury highrises.   More full time homeowners in loft buildings provide a sense of pride and and warm comfortable atmosphere.

3. Urban Style with Access to Modern and Contemporary Design:  Because lofts can be designed in any way the owner desires, there is always a sense of urban style associated with the Downtown Loft spaces.   Exposed cement, high ceilings, exposed brick, and floor to ceiling windows lend themselves perfectly to a modern and contemporary interior design.

4. Downtown Lofts are located in the best buildings Downtown:  Complexes like DOMA, M2i, Parkloft, Old Soap Factory, and Fahrenheit are so of the most unique in Downtown San Diego.   They are the complexes in Downtown that lend themselves to the vision a buyer would start off with when beginning to imagine their search for a Downtown San Diego loft.   These complexes are generally moderate to upper moderate in terms of HOA’s.   Buyers who are interested in Downtown Lofts are generally looking to purchase more square footage rather than more amenities.

5. Downtown Lifestyle:  This category is probably the most important for Downtown Loft buyers.   the urban environment and proximity to work, live, and play is the central factor in a Downtown lifestyle.   The ability to walk outside your door to a restaurant in the Gaslamp, your local pub in the East Village, or a Little Italy farmers market on Saturday is the desire of any Downtown San Diego Urbanite.   The lifestyle of being able to be out of your car and have access to an urban neighborhood all around you is always going to be a key component of value for a Downtown San Diego Loft.

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