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6 Things to Look for in a Downtown San Diego Neighborhood

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|February 2014 with 0 Comments

There is diversity in all the neighborhoods in Downtown San Diego

One of the most important aspects of any real estate decision is location, location, location.  For buyers who have an interest in a condo in Downtown San Diego…choosing a neighborhood that suits your needs and personal criteria is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the home-buying process.  There are 6 distinct neighborhoods in Downtown San Diego: East Village, Marina District, Little Italy, Columbia District, Gaslamp, and Cortez Hill.  Each of these Downtown neighborhoods has its own distinct character and energy.  As a buyer,  your choice of environment will affect both your lifestyle and the way you experience your new condo in Downtown.  This is a very personal decision, influenced by countless unique factors that make up your personal criteria.  The following list are important factors to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a Downtown San Diego Condo.

1. As a general rule…if you’re considering buying a condo in a community or neighborhood that is unfamiliar to you, get to know its lay-out, energy, and lifestyle.  In Downtown San Diego, it is important to take some time to walk or drive through the neighborhood…both during the day and at night.  In Downtown especially, there is a completely different feeling in the neighborhoods during the week, on weekends, and at night.

2. What amenities does the neighborhood have to offer.  I always ask the buyers…What do you want to see outside of your front door.  In Downtown San Diego, amenities can be a number of things ranging from a baseball park, a local restaurant, or a good walking path.

3. In Downtown a good thing to keep in mind is the neighborhood growth.  Are there new opportunities opening up for the neighborhood to keep maturing and supporting both the local residents and businesses. What is the nature of the job market in the Downtown San Diego area.  One of the best aspects of living in Downtown is the possibility of being able to walk to work.  Industry and potential for the job market is very diverse in Downtown.  Everything from restaurant and hotel management to tech “start up” companies all represented.

4. One of the most important things a new buyer can do is speak with the neighbors.  Chances are…they are making many of the same decisions that you are considering now.   They would not have invested in the complex or Downtown neighborhood without doing their research.   Ask as many questions as you can think of.  I have often found that local residents love to talk about their buildings and neighborhoods.  They love to tell you about their favorite restaurant or Happy Hour.  Local residents can offer you a wealth of information, from an insider perspective.

5. Downtown San Diego is a growing community.  Growth happens in big developments Downtown.  Obviously you would not want to buy a condo in the East Village only to find out that there might be plans to build a Chargers Football stadium there one day?  More importantly…you will not want to spend money only to find out your view will one day be impacted by new construction.  An important thing to do is reference local land-use and zoning resources to determine existing development plans or potential for development in the area.  The website for Civic San Diego is a great place to start looking for this information.  Always remember that a strong agenda for neighborhood planning and local zoning will increase the value and draw of a neighborhood in the future.  Support smart growth of the Downtown San Diego neighborhoods.

6. It is always important to determine whether financial resources have been put in place to support growth of infrastructure and new projects in the neighborhood.  In Downtown San Diego, these construction projects might include a new residential or commercial building, a new restaurant, to public to big infrastructure.  In the East Village the new San Diego public library has had a very positive impact on the neighborhood.  The completion of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan will be very valuable for Columbia District residents as well as all of Downtown.   These projects big and small represent part of Downtown’s  long-term plan.


At 92101 Urban Living our goal as Downtown San Diego Realtors is to make sure that our buyers are well informed about their purchase and the neighborhoods that will become their home.   Lifestyle is everything when living Downtown, and it is always exciting to match up personal criteria to the actual unit a buyer will choose.  Click here to get more information on any of the core Downtown San Diego Neighborhoods. ')}