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4 Easy and Affordable Condo Upgrades

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Easy Condo Renovations in San Diego, CA

Upgrading a Downtown San Diego loft or condo unit does not have to be expensive. The following four renovation projects under $1,000 will not only improve the look of your interior, they may also increase the value of the property when the time comes to list it for sale.

1. Painting 

The most overlooked and underrated home improvement involves more than just applying eggshell white to the walls. The right painting project can add visual interest and sophistication to any room. You’ll also want to take visual cleanliness into consideration, which is a technique used to give rooms more space by choosing a lighter tone for the ceiling.

2. Wood Floors

Thanks to engineered alternative materials that are easy to install, a nice and affordable hardwood look can be achieved in select interior spaces for those on a budget. If you’ve got a little wiggle room and are willing to invest a little more, a popular project for condos and outdated penthouses in Downtown San Diego these days involves replacing floor-to-floor carpeting with eco-friendly wood flooring like bamboo.

3.  Decorative Shelving

A nice set of shelves that run from the floor up to the ceiling can brighten any interior space, add visual interest around doorframes, and provide much-needed storage in smaller spaces. Even when choosing quality materials, this upgrade should come in under $1,000, especially if you put in a little elbow grease. Decorative sconces and fancy wall brackets can be combined with inexpensive laurel or pine shelves, as long as the wood has been treated properly.

4. Cabinet Refurbishing

The most important elements of kitchen or bathroom cabinets are the surfaces and hardware, which can be repaired and upgraded for less than $1,000. In fact, this is a project that can be combined with interior painting. The key is to look at how the look of the cabinetry impacts the rest of the property. In general, there should be a pleasant contrast between cabinets and counter tops, unless going for a sleek monochromatic look.

We’ve got a few other budget-friendly upgrade ideas for you, but we really excel in finding you the right space to put your own stamp on. Check out our inventory of Downtown San Diego condos for sale, and give us a call at (619) 649-0368 to schedule an appointment! ')}