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Am I Really Ready to Sell?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Making sure that you’re truly ready to sell your condo is a crucial part of the listing process. Once you put your place on the market, the proverbial clock will start ticking. This makes it vital to resolve any uncertainty and have a clear set of plans before you get started. Following are a several key points to consider when deciding if now is the right time.

If Any Uncertainty Exists, You Aren’t Ready

Having a solid plan for what you’ll do once the property sells is essential. Do you know where you’re going to live next and are these arrangements set in stone? If you sign an offer with a 45-day close, you won’t have much time to work any kinks out. If you don’t have a plan yet, take care of this first before aligning yourself with an agent.

Experiencing Emotional Turmoil

Seller’s remorse is not uncommon. Take stock of your reasons for selling and make sure that these are primarily pragmatic in nature and that they outweigh any arguments you have against it. If parting with your property is a wholly emotional decision, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll want to back out of your decision at the last minute.

Offloading a Property That’s Too Large or Too Small

If you’ve recently outgrown your condo or if you’re finding that the Downtown San Diego penthouse you loved as a bachelor is simply too much to maintain these days, you have a good reason for selling. In these instances, timing is your most important concern. Will selling now help you cut your overhead costs in time to avoid financial hardship? Is an immediate upgrade in living space a feasible solution to your spacing issues? In addition to having solid and well-laid plans for what you’ll do when you move out, you’ll also need to make sure that the property is in the right condition to sell.

Making Improvements and Repairs

You may be able to attract more interest and get a better price for your property if you catch up on much-needed improvements and repairs before listing. If you’ve got major structural or aesthetic issues on your hands, you should take care of these things before setting a price and listing the property. Structural issues can derail sales at the last minute due to inspection contingencies. They’ll also limit the potential returns on your investment. Take time to determine whether you should spend a few months improving the condition of your condo or loft before putting it on the market. This decision could have a significant impact on your outcome.

Trying to Time the Market

You may feel rushed to list your property now just because market conditions seem right. The real estate market operates all year long and with a seasoned Downtown San Diego real estate agent on your team, you can sell your property for a fair price at any time. It is far better to plan for the market than it is to attempt to time it. Make a commitment to selling your property when you’re ready, not when the market is.

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