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4 Amenities Not Worth the Added Cost

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

The inclusive atmosphere of a condo, loft, or penthouse in Downtown San Diego can include many tempting amenities. However, these amenities can often encourage buyers to pay a higher cost, even though they actually are not worth the money.

1. In-Unit Washer and Dryer

Being able to quickly clean your clothes from the comfort of your own place seems like it would be ideal. However, the washer and dryer sets that are included are usually not worth the extra cost. They often tend to be small, not energy efficient, and perform poorly.

2. Gyms in the Building

It seems like it would be convenient to have a gym right where you live, but thoroughly examine the gym before you let it influence your decision. Most gyms only have a small selection of machines and weights, which are often not well maintained. You may get better value from paying for a membership at a nearby gym, where you can enjoy fitness classes and better equipment.

3. Rooftop Decks

Keep in mind that a rooftop deck typically has to be shared by your neighbors. This means that you can end up having your neighbor’s cocktail party filling up the space while you are hosting a barbecue. It can be hard to find a time when the deck is free to use, especially in the summer, and other neighbors may be annoyingly noisy while they are up there.

4. Game Rooms

A lounge area with billiard tables, board games, and table tennis is a great idea in theory. However, the reality typically includes missing game pieces or broken equipment, and many people find that they are unlikely to use a game room unless they have guests over who also want to play games. Often, the privacy of one’s apartment ends up being a more enjoyable place for gaming.

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