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8 Great Apps Condo Owners Should Add to Their Phones Right Now

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Owning a condo is both convenient and fun, but it can come with some unusual challenges. Thanks to modern technology, there are now plenty of apps you can use to make condo living hassle free. Technology is making it even easier and more efficient for people who own condos in downtown San Diego or any large urban area. If you own a condo, these apps can be extremely useful.

1. Kill-Ur-Watts

After you sync this app to your utility company, you get access to a lot of helpful data. You can view exactly which items in your house are using electricity and find ways to cut back on electric costs for your condo.

2. Evercondo

If you’re on the condo board, this app’s support is extremely useful. It lets you send out notifications to all the people in the building, and it also lets you know when the notifications have been read, which lets you make sure people are getting important information you send out.

3. Calendly

With this app, scheduling meetings with all the condo owners in a building doesn’t have to involve lengthy conversations. It tracks your calendar and helps everyone find a time when they’re all free.

4. Nest

Nest gives you the ability to control your thermostat right from your home. You can leave the heat off when you’re at work and have the house warmed up by the time you arrive home. It lets you blend comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

5. HOA Asset Report

HOA Asset Report is a great way for condo buildings to stay on top of maintenance. It lets you enter things like lights, garage gates, gym equipment, and doors into the app, then you can click anything that needs fixing. The app provides updates on maintenance and tells you when it’s done.

6. Piper

This app is a useful way to stay on top of home security. Piper sends you a smartphone alert whenever any windows and doors are opened, and you can see a video to find out why your security system is noticing motion or sound when you’re away from home.

7. WeMo

WeMo lets you control whether outlets are turned on or off in your home. It’s great for when you forget to turn off the iron before leaving for work, want to preheat your oven on the way home, or need to make sure your television is off. WeMo makes your condo living even more comfortable and convenient.

8. Nextdoor

This app is essentially a private, location-based social network. Everyone in your condo can join the app, and then it can easily be used to get in touch with each other, plan events, and meet your neighbors. Nextdoor makes it easy to look for dog walkers in your building, ask a neighbor to sign for a package, or sell unwanted furniture.

There really does seem be an app for just about anything these days, and the ones listed here are just a few you might find helpful. If you haven’t bought your condo yet, the experienced professionals at 92101 Urban Living can help you find your perfect dream home. When it comes to real estate for sale in downtown San Diego, we’re the only experts you need to call. Contact one of our friendly representatives at 619-649-0368 and schedule an appointment today.