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Should I Buy in a Condo Complex that Has a Pool?

By Mike in Home Buying Tips with 0 Comments

When shopping for condos for sale in downtown San Diego, you’ll quickly find that amenities can make or break a complex. The amenities a condo complex offers greatly influence what your life will be like in the building, so it’s important to decide if something like a pool is right for your needs. Before you decide to buy a condo in a complex that has a pool, consider this list of pros and cons.

Pro: You Get a Pool

Of course this benefit might seem a little obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. Having a condo in a complex with a pool means you essentially have a swimming pool in your backyard. It can be a great way to get exercise, unwind after a tough day, and cool off in the summer.

Con: Fees May Be Higher

Though pools can be great, it’s important to remember that any amenities you pick do have a cost. Things like cleaning the pool, filling it with water, and maintaining the pool deck can be pricey, so you can expect to have a slightly higher monthly amenities charge or condo fee. Fees can also be slightly higher because the condo association has to pay for added insurance and safety measures when they have a pool. However, this con might not be quite as bad as you think, since costs tend to be fairly low when divided among all the residents in the building.

Pro: Higher Property Value

A reassuring fact is that the property value of a condo in a complex with a pool tends to be a little higher. The typical buyer is willing to pay a little more for a condo with luxury amenities like a pool, which means if you plan on selling the property in the future, it’s a good thing to have a pool on-site. You can use it as a major selling point when trying to find a buyer.

Con: Pools Can Be Noisy

Noise is something you need to think about if your condo will be right by the pool. This amenity tends to be a gathering place, so consider whether or not the noise will bother you. You might be awakened by early-morning swim classes or late-night pool parties, and during the day, you can expect to hear things like kids playing, poolside music, and big splashes.

Pro: You Have a Place to Socialize

Pools are useful for more than just being a place to swim. They offer an easy way to meet your neighbors because you can find other families enjoying the pool. If you have an active social life, a pool can be a great place to host parties and gatherings. Many condos include grills and firepits by the pool, so it becomes the perfect place for a get-together.

A pool in your condo complex can offer a great way to exercise and have fun, but there are other considerations to take into account as well. If you need advice on any aspect of buying a condo, call on the professionals at 92101 Urban Living, the experts on what matters most when it comes to real estate in downtown San Diego. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.