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How to Avoid Breaking a Lease

By Mike in Buying Tips with 0 Comments

If you’ve been looking at downtown San Diego condos for sale or you just want a change of scenery, moving can be complicated if you signed a lease for your current place. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to move, however. Here are a few tips to get out of a lease agreement (and keep the peace).

1. Talk with Your Landlord

Start by talking with your landlord and explaining your reasons for moving. If you’re looking to move because you can’t stand your neighbor’s bad habits or because there is something you don’t like about the property, the landlord or property manager can likely help alleviate the situation. Most property managers would rather work with current tenants than deal with finding new ones. If you’re moving for work or family issues, you might be surprised how understanding your landlord is (and you likely aren’t the first person to ever break a lease).

2. Move Up or Down

If the reason you want to break the lease has more to do with size or cost, check with property management about moving into a bigger or smaller unit. If there is no availability in your current building, there might be something in a sister property that fits your new needs. You might have to sign a new lease, but you likely won’t be penalized for breaking your current one.

3. Negotiate at the Beginning

The best way to get out of a lease is to negotiate the terms up front before signing. When you move to a new building, see about negotiating things like a relocation clause or a clause that will let you out of your lease without penalty in the event of a big life event (and define the events).

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