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5 Best Colors for a Loft’s Front Door

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

The front door is the gateway to the home. It is the first and last thing people will notice when they visit your loft, which is why it should be painted in a color that is attractive and unique. In Core San Diego, lofts are known for their uniqueness, and painting your front door is just another way to make your space stand out. Here are 5 beautiful colors to choose from.

1. Yellow

This is a color to use if you want a burst of sunshine and a pleasant feeling when you enter your loft. It’s cheerful and often puts everyone in a better disposition. Yellow is an inviting color, welcoming guests inside your home where they can feel like family.

2. Deep Red

If you’re looking for a simple color that delivers a powerful statement, red is a great option. It says the home is welcoming and joyful. Add a few coats for a shiny surface so it stands out among others on the street. A tinted primer can also give the door depth.

3. Deep Blue

Most dark blue hues will appear almost black indoors, which makes this a great option for loft owners who don’t want to make too bold of a change to their front door. Blue is a color that reminds many of a sea breeze or being on the ocean, offering a relaxing image on the front door of your loft.

4. Green

Green is a natural color that comes in many shades. If you have plants displayed outside your loft’s front door, green paint can act as an extension of the natural surroundings.

5. Pumpkin

Make a unique statement with a door painted in a pumpkin color, which offers a warm and welcoming invitation for family and friends. Pumpkin can also be seen as dramatic and chic if used against a light background like grey or another color on the opposite end of the spectrum.

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