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6 Amazing Backsplash Ideas for Condo Kitchens

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

A backsplash is one of the simplest ways to change the look of your kitchen. It can be installed quickly and easily, and the end result is a bold patch of color and texture that ties your whole room together. If you’re looking to update the kitchen in your downtown San Diego condo with a new backsplash, these are some of the best options to choose from.

1. Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are the ideal choice for those who want the kitchen to be the highlight of their condo. Delicate geometric shapes make Moroccan tiles into a stunning work of art. Though it might look like a complicated installation, it’s no more difficult than installing a standard square-tiled backsplash. This choice is ideal for smaller condo kitchens where there’s only a small bit of space to display a backsplash.

2. Tile in a Herringbone Pattern

A herringbone pattern made up of long, slim tiles is the new update on the subway tile backsplash. This pattern offers a lot of textural interest without being too busy, so it’s great for the medium-sized kitchens often found in condos. White is ideal for kitchens that need to be brightened up, while grey hues can provide grounding in lighter kitchens.

3. Polished Natural Stone

If you prefer your kitchen backsplash to have a subtle background note, select smooth natural-stone tiles for the backsplash. Marble and quartz tiles are trendy right now because of their ability to gently reflect light, but darker stone shades can look nice in a rustic kitchen. The natural color variations in the stone create a multicolored backsplash in pleasantly neutral shades.

4. Textured Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a favorite in professional kitchens because it’s so easy to clean. Get the convenience without sacrificing style by selecting a backsplash with steel textured in an interesting pattern. Stamped or engraved steel manages to look sleek and modern without being too industrial.

5. Coated Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is one of the biggest trends of 2019, and you can use some variants as an easy, affordable kitchen backsplash. Look for waterproof wallpapers coated in Teflon to get a fun backsplash that can be wiped clean if grease spatters on it. Using coated wallpaper is a great way to display interesting designs, such as jungle leaves, lemons, or floral prints, in your condo kitchen, and it’s easy to remove and replace if you get bored with it.

6. Fan-Shaped Tile

If you’re tired of standard square and rectangular tiles, try out curved fan-shaped tiles for your condo backsplash. This bold pattern has a classic art deco appeal when done in monochromatic neutrals, but in bright blues and greens, it takes on a subtle fish-scale look that adds nautical charm. The unusual tile shape makes even the smallest backsplash appear fun and vibrant.

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