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5 Awesome Renovations for a Loft

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Once you have purchased one of the many amazing lofts for sale in East Village San Diego and have had the chance to settle in, it may not be long before you start thinking about renovations and other projects to spice up the look of your new living space. Here are 5 amazing ideas to inspire a new look in your loft.

1. The Industrial Look

Many people prefer living in lofts because they enjoy the industrial vibe. If your loft has exposed beams, brick, concrete, and bare floors, you can augment this look by choosing stainless steel appliances, chairs with aluminum legs, black and white photography prints, charcoal-colored accents, and dark furniture.

2. Contrasting Colors

Lofts are known for having large windows. If a large amount of natural light enters your loft, you can paint most surfaces in shiny white tones and create an attractive contrast with bright red or orange furniture, cushions, drapes, and other accessories.

3. Laminate Flooring

This one-time renovation can easily breathe new life into your loft, particularly if you already have white walls. Be sure to choose a trendy, high-quality style such as Pergo San Marco or Marigold Oak.

4. Connected Digital Canvas

Lofts are great for displaying paintings, collages, and prints. If you want to transform your loft into a high-tech art gallery, look into the digital canvases made by Meural and Electric Objects, which connect to the Internet. With these devices, you can choose from thousands of masterpieces to display at different intervals. Even better, you can set a “shuffle” feature to be surprised by new art several times a day.

5. Minimal Design

Some modern families inspired by the design aesthetics of the late Steve Jobs are keeping their furniture and personal belongings to the bare minimum. This is more of a lifestyle than a renovation. It is an effort by the entire family to maximize space and find more time to be active and to be closer to their loved ones. As a bonus, your loft may look even larger because less space will be taken up by unnecessary furniture and other items.

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