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Best Options for Downtown Grocery Stores

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Grocery Stores in Downtown San Diego

When a buyer makes the choice to move to Downtown San Diego and live in a condo or loft…usually the decision is centered around lifestyle.  Lifestyle in Downtown San Diego has everything to do with location and access to everything within walking distance.  When introducing a new buyer to Downtown San Diego condos and lofts, the question of where to grocery shop is always one of “first topic” questions.  One of the best aspects of living in Downtown San Diego is that grocery shopping is so close to where you live.  Living in a loft or condo does not include the need to “stock up” at that the warehouse stores.   Firstly…there is not enough room in your living space, and with many options for Downtown grocery stores so close…it is easy to keep fresh produce and products around.  Of course there are many specialty wine stores, delis, and home stores.

 Little Italy

Hansons: In the coming month, Hanson’s Market is schedule to open under the new luxury rental Building of Ariel.  A natural foods store originally from San Clemente will be a two story 8700 square foot space.   Just like Jimbos opening in the Marina District Neighborhood, this new natural and upscale grocery will become a huge resource for both Little Italy and Columbia District residents who have an interest in locally produced produce, fresh and preservative free products, and organic selections.

Little Italy Mercado/Farmers Market: Every Saturday in Little Italy from 8am until 2pm is the farmers market.  Located in the Little Italy Neighborhooon Date Street between Kettner and Columbia, there are almost 150 booths weekly that sell: fruits and vegetables, flowers, eggs, cheeses, meats, food products (olive oils coffees, pastries, smoothies, etc).  This is a great place to stock up on fresh products and socialize with your Downtown Neighbors all at the same time.

Marina District /Horton Plaza

 Ralphs: This is a full service Neighborhood grocery store.  The recent remodel has given the store a much needed update to their products and infrastructure.  A large deli and salad bar offer a good selection of prepared foods for both Downtown homeowners and the local lunch workforce.  Open 24 hours is a good option for an urban grocery store.  Underground and secure parking allow shoppers the option of driving should they not want to walk.

Jimbos: The newest addition to grocery stores in Downtown San Diego, Jimbos is a high end organic and and natural food grocery store.  Less expensive than the comparable Wholefoods, this is a great option for those who like to eat healthy.  Signature features of Jimbos Stores include: large selection of wines, beers and cheeses, a made from scratch bakery, organic produce, and finally hormone free beef-pork and fish.  A ton of options of the prepared foods make Jimbos a great healthy option for the people who work Downtown as well.  Smoothies, Deli Items, Sushi, noodle/rice bowls, salad bar, and burrito bar are just some of the options that are available.

East Village

Albertsons: This 43,000 Square foot luxury Albertsons is located on the ground floor of Market Street Village (14th and Market).  The store features a Pete’s Coffee, onsite Pharmacy, and fresh deli for prepared foods.

Smart and Final: This is a non-member warehouse grocery provider.   Everything from drinks to home products are represented in this store.  When you are throwing a party Downtown, I find that this is a great option when you have to stock up on bulk items and do not want to drive all the way out to Costo in Mission Valley.

Grocery Outlet: This grocery store is a family owned business known as an “extreme value” grocer.  Basically, it is an outlet store for food concept.  They buy products from major labels and food manufacturers through “closeout” and overstock pricing.  This enables them to resell the products at sometimes half the normal retail price.  The brand names and products are changing constantly. ')}