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Best Places to Watch The World Cup in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|May 2014 with 0 Comments

best_places_to_eatch_the_world_cup_in_downtown_san_diegoWith the 2014 World Cup in Brazil quickly approaching, many Downtown San Residents will be headed out to the bars and restaurants to watch the games live. With San Diego being such a melting pot of ethnicity and culture, it is sure to be an exciting summer of different national team support. With the help of our friends at Yelp (hey… that rhymed), we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best places to watch the World Cup in Downtown San Diego:

1) Shakespear’s Pub & Grill – No list of “Places to watch soccer in San Diego” is trustworthy is Shakespear’s in Midtown is not included. Shakespear’s is known throughout San Diego for opening early during the English Premier League Regular Season. The English Pub atmosphere is fantastic and they have a huge selection of beers on tap. I’d imagine that the Shakespear’s will be VERY crowded for the England matches, so get there early.If it’s too crowded, head next door to …

2) The Regal Beagle – That’s right, Midtown has turned itself into soccer central and will be the place to be come World Cup 2014. In contrast to the English vibe next door at Shakespears, The Regal Beagle is all American. Known for its great menu and large craft brew selection, you’ll definitely want to come hungry.

3) The Field Irish Pub – If you’re looking to stay closer to home here in Downtown, The Field is your place. Located on 5th Ave in the Gaslamp, The Field is a great Irish Pub with a huge selection of drinks and food. While Ireland may not have made the World Cup this time, this bar will still be buzzing.

4) Bub’s at The Ballpark – I have to throw Bub’s in on this list because of the sheer amount of TV’s that they have in this bar. This is a true Sports Bar and you’ll have a perfect view of the matches no matter where you are in the bar. 10 flat-screens above the bar alone plus many more scattered throughout, you wont be disappointed. Oh by the way, the food and drink selections are great here too.

5) Princess Pub & Grille –  Princess Pub is quickly beginning to challenge Shakespeare’s supremacy for San Diego’s best soccer bar. Located in Little Italy on India Street, Princess Pub is centrally located in the middle of all of the foot traffic of the Little Italy nightlife and sure to be packed out early. Little Italy alone is generally buzzing during World Cup time, with many businesses projecting games on their outside walls so the overflow crowd can cheer along.

No matter where you go to watch the matches, or who you’re rooting for, remember to have fun and be safe. USA!!! ')}