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Why Shop for Condos During Fall and Winter

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments

Spring and summer are the busiest times of year for property buyers and sellers. Throughout these seasons, both supply and demand are virtually guaranteed to be high. This makes it especially advantageous for eager buyers to start searching the Downtown San Diego real estate market during the fall and winter months. With less competition, there is a far greater opportunity to negotiate lower prices on high-quality units and seek expedited closings.

Nab Your New Condo Before the Holidays Roll In

Shopping for Downtown San Diego condos for sale in autumn will allow you to complete the purchasing process and get settled into your new home right before the holidays hit. With fewer prospects showing up at their doors, committed sellers are more likely to accept offers that are made at this time of the year instead of holding out for higher bids. This means that you can secure your new unit and have it ready for guests in time to sing carols by the fire.

Sellers Are Often Ready to Wrap This Process Up

Many sellers are anxious to wrap up their own moves before winter comes. Once the holiday season hits, travel plans, holiday parties, and family visits make showing properties and moving out of them infinitely more challenging. This sense of urgency on the part of sellers could give your offers additional weight, especially if you plan on adding few contingencies and are ready to see sales close quickly as well.

Winter Purchases Can Be Significantly Cheaper

The pickings might be slimmer in autumn and winter but the prices will be lower as well. Sellers who’ve had their homes listed all summer long without landing any reasonable offers usually drop their asking prices by quite a bit as soon as fall comes rolling in. Their efforts to tie up loose ends for tax purposes and other year-end concerns makes them far more malleable at the negotiating table.

See How Units and Common Areas Hold Up Under “Extreme” Weather

Both supply and demand surge in the summer months given that warm weather and sunny skies are perfect for house hunting. When you buy in the winter, however, property inspections can account for unit features that might be impossible to check at other times of the year. You can find out whether the heater works properly and can see whether or not building drainage is adequate for preventing pooling water on patios or balconies or if ceilings are showing signs of leaks or other moisture damage. If you happen to be shopping during a particularly blustery winter, as we expect this one to be with El Niño coming, you can even see whether common areas and nearby streets are prone to flooding or other weather-related issues.

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