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Top 5 Home Safety Hazards

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We tend to think about our homes as synonymous with safety and protection, but this isn’t always the case. According to recent statistics compiled by National Home Security Alliance, accidents at home cause about 18,000 deaths in the United States every year. More than 20 million people visit emergency rooms and acute care clinics each year because of injuries or illnesses that can be traced back to certain conditions at home. Many residential accidents can be prevented by being mindful of the hazards that can cause them. If you live in a downtown San Diego condo, here are five common hazards to be aware of.

1. Electrical Fires

Residents of modern condominiums don’t have to worry about this hazard as much as people who live in older lofts and aging buildings do. The condition of electrical outlets and lighting fixtures can deteriorate over time, and the same goes for wiring and insulation. A home inspector can determine the condition of your condo’s electrical system, including the reliability of the arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breaker panel.

2. Tripping Hazards

The National Safety Council recommends keeping hallways and stairways clear of objects. Keeping clutter to a minimum is a good way to minimize tripping and falling hazards. If your condo building offers storage space, make sure to take advantage of it.

3. Propane and Natural Gas Leaks

Many condo homeowners associations allow the use of propane gas grills on balconies, but only as long as residents observe certain precautions. Never bring the gas tank inside the unit, and make sure the line is disconnected from the grill when not in use. As for natural gas stoves in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be used if a strong smell of Mercaptan (a sulfuric additive that smells similar to rotten eggs) is detected. In this case, you should shut off your main gas valve and immediately notify your utility company and the building manager.

4. Mold Colonies

Even though San Diego isn’t known as a humid region, excessive moisture can build up inside condo units if water pipes start leaking. Condo residents who live near the community swimming pool may run into issues of condensation that can result in mold. The key is to act quickly and prevent the spread of mold colonies. If you notice a mold spot that keeps growing near the sink or bathtub, schedule a plumbing inspection.

5. Accidental Poisoning

After tripping falls, poisoning accidents are the second most common cause of home fatalities, and children are the most likely to be affected. The best way to prevent poisonings is to store toxic substances such as cleaners and paint in high storage spaces where children can’t reach them. Keep in mind that even organic household cleaners can be toxic and harmful, which means they shouldn’t be left within reach of children.

If you own a condo or any type of real estate in downtown San Diego, be aware of the above hazards to make sure you and your family stay safe.If you’re still looking for the home of your dreams, reach out to the reliable agents from 92101 Urban Living to help you find your perfect downtown San Diego condo, loft, or penthouse. Give us a call today at 619-649-0368.