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4 Myths About Downtown San Diego Debunked

As one of the most exciting and prosperous housing markets in Southern California, San Diego is sometimes subject to hearsay and misinformation that can devolve into myth status. Here are 4 myths about downtown San Diego that prospective homeowners should learn to recognize and ignore. 1. Downtown San Diego Is Always a Seller’s Market San… Read More

4 Awesome Wine Bars in Downtown San Diego

Wine lovers in Southern California are not limited to the creations of Napa Valley winemakers. In fact, residents of downtown San Diego, including those who own Gaslamp real estate downtown, do not have to travel too far to enjoy fine wines. The top wine bars and shops in San Diego stock their cellars with bottles… Read More

4 Bakeries in Downtown San Diego You Need to Try

Downtown San Diego is a foodie’s paradise, so it is no surprise many amazing bakeries are located here. If you’re thinking about purchasing real estate in Columbia District San Diego, be sure to check out these delicious local bakeries because they might finalize your decision. 1. Bake Sale Bakery Locals know this tiny bakery has… Read More