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Is Air Conditioning Necessary in a Downtown San Diego Condo?

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Living with 0 Comments

Buying a condo in downtown San Diego for sale is a fascinating experience, but it can take a little time to adjust to living in the city. One of the most common questions new condo owners ask is whether or not they need an air conditioning (AC) unit. Though AC can be convenient, it can also be an unnecessary expense for some people. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about installing AC in your San Diego condo.

Average San Diego Temperatures Are Fairly Moderate

San Diego has a climate that is classified as semi-arid Mediterranean. Fortunately, downtown San Diego is right off the coast, so the cool breezes keep temperatures from soaring too high, and there is little variation in temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature in downtown for January is normally about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average in August is 72 degrees. Generally, the temperature does not get above 80 degrees in summer or below 44 degrees in winter. Most residents find they are only uncomfortably hot about five to ten days out of the year. You might find yourself wanting an AC unit for the few hot days in late summer, but it will probably go unused the rest of the year unless you are very sensitive to heat.

Humidity Levels in San Diego Are Low

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to decide if you need AC is what the humidity feels like in San Diego. If you are from a region with a more humid climate, you might be surprised by how dry San Diego is. Due to the way the human body works, people feel heat more intensely in damp, humid areas. The crisp, dry air of San Diego helps people avoid feeling sticky even during summer.

There Are Alternatives to AC

Many downtown San Diego condo owners believe air conditioning is not necessary. It is possible to achieve a comfortable temperature simply by cracking open the windows to the sea breeze and running a few fans. The temperature tends to drop quickly once the sun sets, so many people like to go hang out in air conditioned places like movie theaters or coffee shops until it starts to cool down around 7pm.

Installing AC in a Condo Can Be Difficult

Though AC is usually only necessary for a few weeks at most, some condo owners decide they would rather have perfect temperatures all year long. Keep in mind it may be difficult to install central air conditioning in a condo, depending on what your homeowners association’s rules are. Some companies charge more for condos because it is difficult to install AC in these units.

Even if you don’t want a condo unit with AC, it’s important to find a space that’s comfortable and in the location you prefer. If you’re interested in downtown San Diego real estate for sale and want to see the best properties on the market, get in touch with the trusted local real estate experts at 92101 Urban Living. Call 619-649-0368 today to set up an appointment. ')}