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How Much Money Should You Borrow If You’re Buying a Condo?

In May 2018, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that median home prices had once again posted month-over-month increases, a trend that has been largely driven by sales of condo units and lofts in the downtown districts of San Diego. Market conditions continue to favor sellers as multiple bids have become common. While the median price… Read More

5 Real Estate Scams to Keep an Eye Out For

Real estate and mortgage fraud were two factors that contributed significantly to the demise of the American housing market a decade ago, and these unethical practices became more commonplace in the most active regional markets. Even though regulation and oversight have largely improved the real estate markets, scammers are always on the lookout for opportunities… Read More

Common Real Estate Financing Concerns & How to Overcome Them

When the American real estate market went through a bonanza in the early part of the century, condominium buyers faced more difficulties in terms of financing compared to those who were purchasing single-family homes, which mortgage lenders considered “low-hanging fruit.” Tight underwriting guidelines and high closing costs were common prior to 2008. After the housing… Read More

7 Things Buyers Should Look for in a Flipped Condo

With the San Diego condominium market currently at its hottest level, many of the listings prospective buyers can expect to run into are probably being offered by condo flippers. Cable television networks like TLC and HGTV are once again getting good ratings from shows such as Flip This House and Trading Spaces, which means hopeful… Read More

Purchasing a Property without Putting 20 Percent Down

A lot of people who are interested in buying a home start to worry about their finances after hearing they need to provide a 20 percent down payment on the property. However, it is often possible to purchase a loft, penthouse, or condo in downtown San Diego without a massive down payment. Though 20 percent… Read More

5 Things to Ask When Purchasing a New Construction Condo

The current flow of supply and demand in the downtown San Diego real estate market makes vertical development a necessity. Whenever regional economies go through prolonged periods of prosperity, sellers’ markets ensue and demand for brand new construction increases. In the case of downtown San Diego, building new condominium towers is a sensible housing solution for… Read More

Things to Avoid Doing If You’re in Escrow

The home buying process can be exhausting. If a buyer is “in escrow,” it means the weeks of visiting potential properties and making offers is almost over. Once the transaction is finalized, buyers officially become homeowners. However, escrow doesn’t mean the process is over, and it’s important to be careful. Here are a few things… Read More

6 Reasons You Should Have a Condo Inspected Before Buying It

Homebuyers are always encouraged to make a home inspection a condition of a purchase offer. While home inspections are advertised as a way to detect issues with major house systems like the foundation and roof, this doesn’t mean inspections aren’t relevant for condo buyers. Just as with single-family homes, condos for sale in 92101 can… Read More

Should You Purchase an Older or Newer Condominium?

In recent years, downtown San Diego condos for sale have become the jewels of the local housing market, which has been enjoying very healthy demand since March 2017. For the New Year, real estate analysts predict seller’s market conditions will prevail during the first quarter and prospective buyers will likely continue to explore condo listings… Read More

Condos or Lofts: Which Are Right for You?

Deciding whether to purchase a condo or a loft is a choice many potential homebuyers face. If you’re not sure which living space is more suitable for you or your family, considering the differences each option offers may make it easier to determine whether a condo or loft is the right choice for you. Exterior… Read More