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What to Expect After Your Offer on a Condo Is Accepted

With market conditions clearly favoring condo sellers in downtown San Diego, getting an offer accepted can be a cause for celebration, particularly when the listings are often subject to bidding wars. The first step: don’t take the acceptance for granted. There’s always a chance the seller may want to introduce certain conditions, which is why… Read More

What to Look for When You’re Viewing Real Estate to Buy

For some homebuyers, the best part of a real estate transaction is getting to the closing table. For others, it’s touring and viewing properties. Walking through a listed property is a visceral experience that many buyers find the most enjoyable aspect of the home-buying process. It’s the moment when prospective buyers start to trust their… Read More

5 Strategies for Selling & Buying a Home at the Same Time

There are various ways to acquire real estate, and some tend to be more complex than others. If you’re interested in buying a condo in downtown San Diego and selling your existing home at the same time, your situation will fall into the “more complex” category. You’ll need to plan strategically because you’ll have to… Read More

How to Buy an Accessible Home If You Live with a Disability

Whether you’ve been living with a disability for a while or are still getting used to your new lifestyle, finding a nice place to live in downtown San Diego won’t be as challenging compared to other American housing markets. San Diego is a progressive city that embraces equality and promotes independence for all residents. Moreover,… Read More

Dos & Don’ts to Remember When Applying for a Mortgage

Buying San Diego real estate downtown can be a complicated process, especially if you need to apply for a mortgage. Having as much information about the process of applying for a loan can help you make appropriate decisions. When applying for a mortgage, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. Do: Get… Read More

6 Important Things to Ask a Mortgage Lender

When buying downtown San Diego real estate for sale, you’ll need to find a reputable mortgage lender who can assist you with getting financing. Before you settle on a specific lender, you need to meet with the lender and talk a little about your options. Instead of getting a mortgage broker who rushes you through… Read More

How Much Money Should You Borrow If You’re Buying a Condo?

In May 2018, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that median home prices had once again posted month-over-month increases, a trend that has been largely driven by sales of condo units and lofts in the downtown districts of San Diego. Market conditions continue to favor sellers as multiple bids have become common. While the median price… Read More

5 Real Estate Scams to Keep an Eye Out For

Real estate and mortgage fraud were two factors that contributed significantly to the demise of the American housing market a decade ago, and these unethical practices became more commonplace in the most active regional markets. Even though regulation and oversight have largely improved the real estate markets, scammers are always on the lookout for opportunities… Read More