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A Glimpse at San Diego’s Rental Market

By Mike in December 2008|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis with 0 Comments


San Diego RentsIn this December 10th article, San Diego County Apartment Rentals are Slow, Steady, Staff Writer Emmet Pierce reports the local rental market is “sluggish, but stable.” This, due to minor drops in vacancies and monthly rental rates. As always, this can be interpreted in a few ways depending on the position you find yourself in: The Renter or The Landlord. Renters are obviously finding what they’re looking for if vacancies are lower than had been previously. In addition, prices are declining which makes Renters pocket books happy. Landlords, surely, are happy that units are being filled but most definitely not all to excited at the idea of dropping prices equaling less income than expected.

The article goes on to note average rents and vacancy rates as compared to last years numbers. At 92101 Urban Living we find ourselves receiving more and more phone calls regarding rentals in the Downtown area and we’re happy to assist those who are looking. These renters will be happy to hear that the average rental rate at the moment is about $1,188 down from springs $1,201.

If you do find yourself in the rental market, we encourage you to check out this article as some research on the area. It’s a good time to rent or buy in Downtown San Diego!